How to prevent firefox from opening new windows

Starting in Firefox 74, you deserve to revolve off the detachable tabs function in the web browser. This will disable the capability to produce a brand-new window from a tab drag-and-drop in Firefox, and also save you from accidentally relocating a tab and also turning it right into a separate home window.

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Firefox customers are mindful of the ability to drag-and-drop a tab to change the tab order. Also, dragging a tab out of the tab bar to the Deskoptimal provides Firefox develop a new home window from a tab. However, this sometimes happens accidentally. Due to an insect, Firefox might suddenly create a new home window as soon as you are dragging a tab inside the tab bar location, even without leaving it. When I was utilizing Firefox as my main web browser, this had actually occurred to me a lot.

This annoying bug is in Firefox for at least 9 years. Finally, Firefox 74 uses a workabout that enables disabling the detachable tabs feature by means of a new alternative in about:config.

To Disable Detachable Tabs in Firefox (Tab Drag-and-Drop),

Open Firefox.In a new tab, type about:config in the attend to bar.Click I accept the risk.
In the search box, kind or copy-paste the line browser.tabs.allowTabDetach.

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Double-click the worth name in the search outcome to toggle its value from true to false.

You are done. This will certainly prevent tabs from being detached from the tab bar. You"ll shed the ability to open up new Firefox windows by dragging a tab exterior of the tab bar, however the capability to re-arrange tabs will certainly remajor obtainable. Also, you deserve to constantly open up a new window quickly via Ctrl+N, and copy-paste the URL rather of dragging and also dropping the tab.

To reclaim the defaults, set the internet browser.tabs.allowTabDetach worth ago to true.

As of currently, the actual Firefox variation is 74. It is a minor release, remarkable for disextension of TLS 1.0 and also 1.1. It will no longer establish connections to internet sites that usage these outdated requirements. To learn more around changes introduces in Firefox 74, inspect out the adhering to post:

Firefox 74 is easily accessible, right here are the changes

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By Sergey Tkachenko on March 12, 2020, last updated on March 12, 2020 in Firefox.