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.mim Exstress and anxiety - List of programs that deserve to open .mim files
In the complying with table, you have the right to discover a list of programs that have the right to open files through .mim list is created by collecting expansion indevelopment reported by users via the "send report" alternative of FileTypesMan energy.The product name, summary, and agency name are taken from the variation information of the .exe file.The "Actions" list is taken from the conmessage menu items added to Explorer by the stated program.The "Popularity" column screens one of the complying with 4 values: Low, Medium, High, and Very High, which is established according to the variety of customers that sent out the mentioned record.

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EXE NameProduct NameDescriptionCompanyActionsPopularityACDSee5.exe
ACDSeeACDSeeACD Solution, Ltd.Open with ACDSeeLow
ACDSeeQVPro2.exeACDSee Fast ViewACDSee Pro 2 Photograph ManagerACD SystemsOpen via ACDSee Pro 2Low
acsignopt.exeAutoCADAutoCAD componentAutodesk, Inc.Enable/Disable Digital Signature IconsLow
doxillion.exeDoxillionDoxillion Document ConverterNCH SoftwareExtract with Expush ZipLow
ImgBurn.exeImgBurnImgBurn - The Ultimate Image Burner!LIGHTNING UK!Burn utilizing ImgBurnLow
IZArc.exeIZArcIZArc ArchiverOpenLow
pdfcreator.exePDFCreatorPDFCreatorpdfbuild paper PDF e Bitmap con PDFCreatorLow
pkzipw.exePKWARE, Inc.EditLow
POWERARC.EXEPowerArchiver 2012PowerArchiver 2012ConeXware, Inc.OpenLow
POWERARC.EXEPowerArchiver 2011PowerArchiver 2011ConeXware, Inc.OpenLow
POWERARC.EXEPowerArchiver 2010PowerArchiver 2010ConeXware, Inc.OpenLow
StuffIt11.exeStuffIt11 ApplicationStuffIt11 ApplicationSmith Micro Software, Inc.Open via StuffIt 11Low
TURBOZIP.EXETurboZIPTurboZIPFileStream, Inc.openLow
uniextract.exeUniversal ExtractorEstrai con UniExtract i file..., Estrai con UniExtract qui, Estrai con UniExtract nella sottocartellaLow
WinAce.exeWinAce ArchiverWinAce Archiver v2.69e-merge GmbHopenLow
winzip32.exeWinZipWinZip ExecutableWinZip Computing, Inc.

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Open through WinZip, printHigh
WINZIP64.EXEWinZipWinZipWinZip Computing, S.L.Open via WinZip, printHigh
In the adhering to table, you deserve to find a list of file kinds information that is linked via .mim expansion.Type NameDescriptionPerceived TypeContentTypeDLL/EXE FileDLL/EXE DetailsPopularity
ACDSee Pro 2.0 MIM Archiveam_mime.aplAM_MIME, ACD Systems, Ltd.Low
ACDSee.mimACDSee MIM Archiveam_mime.aplAM_MIME, ACD Equipment, Ltd.Low
ALZip.mimALZip MIM FileALZipIcon.dllALZip Icon Dynamic Link Library, ESTsoft Corp.Low
ALZip.mimALZip mim FicheiroALZipIcon.dllLow
Base64-Archivbase64 filearcsymbols.dllLow
File.MimMIME Encoded Data - ZipGenius Fileapplication/x-mime-encodedLow
IZArcMIMIZArc MIM ArchiveLow
PAENCPowerArchiver FileMedium
StuffIt11.Archive.Open.GenericStuffIt Archiveapplication/stuffitResources_English.dllStuffIt Resources Dynamic Link Library, Smith Micro Software, Inc.Low
TurboZIPTurboZIP Fileturbozip.exeTurboZIP, FileStream, Inc.Low
WinZipDocuments WinZipWINZIP32.EXEWinZip Executable, WinZip Computing, Inc.

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WinZipWinZip FileWINZIP32.EXEWinZip Executable, WinZip Computing, Inc.Very High
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