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Details as much as I understand is just a backport and also it could not be as accurate as Skada is in wotlk.The reason why Skada is vastly superior to Recount is that Skada has actually a much faster refresh rate which makes it more exact compared to Recount.

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You have the right to adjust the refresh rate in details choices. Plus it comes with all manner of charts and graphs. A extremely in-depth fatality log, encounter timeline (comparable to logging websites), etc...You can likewise toggle in between the logging modes that skada and recount use (skada mirrors intask in your DPS throughout combat, recount does not).

It"s simply a issue of choice and also absolutely nothing else. I started with Recount prior to, then I switched to Skada, then I tried the backported version of Details for a while and also among all those, I personally chosen Skada, that"s all.

ty. Waiting for u to uppack it ^_^And if smb else interested, instalation manual:rename folder to just "skada" - done. -)
I tried the beta branch and it looks so great assumed it still has actually many errors tho. For example, ElvUI AddonSkin can"t embed the skada to the chatbox, occasionally the player name is changed to a shade code I think. I think you might have recognized these issues so I don"t short article it on the github. Keep up the excellent occupational sir. I really prefer this.
I uncovered differnce in data gathered by recount and this skada. But it was uploaded 13 days earlier, so this is not actual variation for certain.
Indeed! It occurred when experimentation, throughout raids and also on some streams. Not a consistent error but I made a solution for it to settle it the moment it happens (just how quick? Depfinishing on the update frequency).PS: not a color code, by the player"s GUID.
Thanks a lot, doing my best to resolve whatever, i"m gaining help from few people below and tbelow, they test and report and also also aid on resolving worries. I hope it"ll reach the final point wright here I will certainly say "I"m done via it, nothing else to change".
I uncovered differnce in information gathered by recount and this skada. But it was uploaded 13 days back, so this is not actual version for certain.

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Skada has a much more conservative mode, it waits a little bit prior to beginning combat log, this is why you see few secs delay before it starts collecting. If you want to disable this a have actually specifically the same outcomes as recount, attempt the "Aggressive combat detection" uncovered in "General options".
LIke this it is first hit just (watch 1:06 time code), i refreshed both addons, and also hitted 2 aa hit 1 flametongue. Skada ignored 1st hit. U"re appropriate, duuno if it is excellent.
LIke this it is initially hit just (watch 1:06 time code), i refremelted both addons, and hitted 2 aa hit 1 flametongue. Skada ignored 1st hit. U"re best, duuno if it is good.
The Sunder respond to doesnt count how many type of times you supplied sunder it just count how many targets you supplied it on. It only count just how many targets you used it on.For instance I simply did 5x sunders on 3 various mobs back to ago. It is saying i only did 3 sunders and also not 15 sunders
The Sunder respond to doesnt count exactly how many times you offered sunder it just count exactly how many kind of targets you supplied it on. It just count just how many targets you provided it on.
Thanks for reporting this, I resolved it and also it currently must effectively.The factor why it wasn"t stacked up is bereason the event "SPELL_AURA_APPLIED_DOSE" was ignored. I just tested it and it functions simply fineNOTE
: It will certainly just count approximately 5 stacks, not more. So if you apply 5 on a tarobtain and store using anyways, it will not count those additional ones.
Hey hey. Have some troubles via it, not sure if it is bug or i have the right to settle it with^ didn"t start count other character"s damages till i personally hit.

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I utilizing ElvUI, i install that brand-new skada and gained problem via 2 things1. Can"t unlock box of skada to drag / move other location (only deserve to if i go establishing ElvUi - > Addons Skins - > Embed Setting - > Embed into Right Pannel then i can move yet still can make it correctly size choose ideal chat , as soon as i attempt move window skada dvery own its bumpping up , every lock / unlock relocating home window up

This version of Skada is not compatible via the Backported version of ElvUI. The only thing you have the right to do is to disable Skada on AddOns Skins and configure the skin manually.
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