How to move a bullet point to the left

In Microsoft Word you deserve to push the TAB crucial to move bulallows to the appropriate. then you deserve to push TAB aobtain complied with by BACKSPACE to move the bullet ago aget (to the left). i can not seem to relocate the bullet earlier to left in Peras. it just deletes the bullet so i have to go ago through the Inspector to insert a new bullet. this is extremely time consuming once trying to take notes in class. anyone?

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Glen, You have actually some very basic questions that you will find answers for in the Pperiods 09 User Guide. It"s downloadable from the Peras Assistance Menu. Jerry
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I looked through the user overview and also couldn"t uncover anything that provides a solution to my question. There is just one main area on bulallows and it"s only a page long at ideal. It didn"t touch on bullet navigating. I dubbed the support line for Pperiods and they told me to ask this forum because they didn"t know either. Someone should understand. I hope!
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I uncovered four ways to increase or decrease list indents & I didn"t as soon as look at the hands-on. Just perusing the menus & the inspector revealed them. The hardest component was gaining them all to present on a single screenshot. First, the Layout > Text menu reveals 2 - the selection from the menu & the key-board commands you can usage rather. Second, adding the increase & decrease butloads to your toolbar &, third, in the text inspector > List > Indent Level.
If you are talking around Right to Left text, you do not bereason it is broke. The only game in town is Mellel: trick If it is changing the bullet indent, that was defined above, also: trick Peter
If you are going to usage it, then pay for it. It is not expensive and also is an excellent program, particularly if you have to execute R to L text. You deserve to forobtain MsWord for Mac OSX. Check out Tom Gewecke"s website for complete information on multi-lingual word handling on the Mac: trick Peter
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jc0541 wrote: it is stupid that peras does not have actually appropriate to left It does, simply that it works badly, it is exceptionally tough to click your cursor in the ideal spot. You deserve to test this by copying and pasting in some Arabic or Hebrew text into a paper. Peter
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