How to make scatter plot in google sheets

A scatter plot (additionally known as a scatter plot graph) is a advantageous tool for information experts, helping to visually explore and also analyze 2 various information sets. For circumstances, if you’re comparing the sales results across various sales teams, a scatter plot would certainly permit you to view who was the finest (or worst) percreating, a lot favor a line chart would.

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While you could use Excel to make a scatter plot, another way you have the right to perform it is to usage the freely-accessible Google Sheets to make a scatter plot rather. In this write-up, we’ll describe exactly how to make a scatter plot in Google Sheets, consisting of how to customize it when it’s produced.


If you have to rerelocate among the series, choose the hamburger food selection icon, then choose the Rerelocate option.
If you want Google Sheets to usage the height row to create header titles, choose the Use row 1 as headers checkbox. To usage the first column as labels (displayed alongside the X-axis), select the Use column A as labels checkbox. You can also switch rows and columns by choosing the Switch rows/columns checkbox.

Customizing a Scatter Plot

Like all charts and also graphs in Google Sheets, the chart editor offers a number of added customization options. This enables you to adjust labels, axis titles, colors, fonts, and even more.

To customize a scatter plot, make certain that the chart editor panel on the right-hand also side is visible. If it isn’t, pick the chart, then select the hamburger menu icon in the top-appropriate. From the menu, select the Edit the chart alternative.
In the Customize tab of the Chart editor menu, you deserve to start to make transforms to your chart. To readjust the chart colors and also fonts, pick the Chart style category and pick among the choices (eg. background colour) to make alters. Any changes you make will appear automatically.
Under Chart and also axis titles, you have the right to change the shown titles for the chart and chart axes. Select a title option from the Chart title drop-down food selection, then insert the text you wish to use in the Title text box. You can then format the text (including font, formatting, and also color) in the alternatives below package.

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By default, data points on a Google Sheets scatter plot are displayed as circles. To use a different shape (for instance, triangles or X marks), select the Series category, then pick a brand-new shape from the Point shape drop-dvery own food selection. You have the right to likewise pick a new allude size from the Point size drop-down menu.
The legfinish enables you to recognize what information sets the points on a scatter plot belong to. To readjust the font, formatting, color, and also position of the legend, choose the Legend category and make changes making use of the choices provided.
In the Horizontal axis and Vertical axis categories, you deserve to change just how the various axis labels are formatted. Select either category, then make transforms to the font, font dimension, formatting, and shade from the alternatives provided. If you want to reverse the axis order (from left to appropriate or ideal to left), select the Reverse axis order checkbox.
To help make your scatter plot even more visible, you can add gridlines and also ticks. To do this, choose the Gridlines and ticks category, then pick either Horizontal axis or Vertical axis from the drop-down food selection. With the Horizontal axis choice schosen, choose the Major ticks checkbox to permit ticks on the horizontal axis, then make further changes to the settings (consisting of place, length, color, and also thickness) listed below it.
With the Vertical axis alternative schosen in the Gridlines and also ticks food selection, you can allow gridlines (both significant and also minor) and ticks for the vertical axis. Select the Major gridlines, Minor gridlines, Major ticks or Minor ticks checkboxes to permit these choices, then make changes to the settings (consisting of shade, place, length, thickness, and also color) listed below it.

Create Visual Spreadsheets

Now you know how to make a scatter plot in Google Sheets, you can additionally experiment via producing various other Google Sheets graphs and charts for information analysis, from a line chart to a bar graph. If you’re struggling, tright here are Google Sheets templates you deserve to usage to acquire began, prepared for you to fill with information and produce your own charts roughly it.

Experienced Excel users can also transform spreadsheets to Google Sheets via ease, although some features (choose Excel macros) won’t be sustained. You deserve to take things even further, using Google Sheets scripts to expand also use and integrate spreadsheets via other Google and also third-party solutions.

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