How to make chrome look old

I'm placing together a Tele wbelow the hardware is greatly dull in maintaining through a design template. Not trying to "relic" it per se, simply making the entirety point sorta subdued in presentation. The body and also neck will still be deliberately new. But, the neck pickup cover is stubbornly refusing to age. I tried the vinegar trick for several days, to no result. In fact, the brass components, springs, etc. contained in the exercise didn't respond to it, either. So, the next trick was the ammonia gas treatment. The brass responded to that, although not substantially...

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...and also that impact just came after numerous days of expocertain. The parts were on a platform in a sealed container to hold the fumes. My expertise was that for that sort of expocertain, they have to have actually been damn close to damaged. Obviously not. What's weird is the chrome acts prefer nothing's going on at all. After all this abuse, the cover still looks choose brand-new...

I'm just curious. In looking about the human being wide wibble, I check out all kinds of examples of folks tearing up metal making use of these approaches. Why isn't it working for me? Am I not holding my mouth right? Is there such a thing as the "wrong" vinegar, or "depleted" ammonia? The a lot of aggressive approach I've seen offers muriatic acid to terrorize the components, yet I couldn't obtain it when/wbelow I necessary it, and also frankly, the stuff scares me a little little. Am I going to need to gain some of that and also go medieval on this cover? There's no coating on it - I thought of that and also if there's a complete over this chrome, it's harder than the steel bereason I couldn't scratch it. If anybody has actually any type of suffer ageing chrome, I'd certain like to hear from you.
Right's not excellent sufficient. Practice until you can't obtain it wrong.

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Fat Pete
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I'm not opposed to that concept, if I knew wbelow to discover such a thing.I'm still curious why the traditional techniques aren't working, though.
Could it be that the chrome needs to come off prior to the ageing of the nickel underneath can happen? And that you can require more powerful stuff to gain the chrome off? Just guessing here
Yeah, maybe. I recognize I can obtain it off via range cleaner, but I don't understand what I'd be left through, or if the range cleaner would eat the underlying steel as well. Besides, the object of the exercise is to make it look dull, not consumed alive by the Langoliers. Plus, these are not just specialty pickups, they're not mine - I can't afford to experiment through them. I have to have some assurance that I won't ruin the things.

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Maybe drill some holes or otherwise reduced via the plating wbelow it won't be viewed, to offer whatever technique a possibility to 'obtain in'?
Could it be that the chrome demands to come off prior to the ageing of the nickel underneath can happen?
Chrome is applied over copper - not nickel. Besides, nickel is harder than chrome....Cagey, try some Scotchbrite or soak it in Coca-Cola.... the carbonic acid in that stuff does some crazy stuff to certain reactive materials.
True that, Coke does a project on many finishes. I've also accidentally taken "gold" plating off a badge through a torch. The wallet clip broke off the back, and also I brazed it back on. When I turned it over, it was extended in what looked prefer ash, but when I wiped it off, I conveniently realized that the "ash" was actually the gold plating, and also I was currently the proud owner of a "silver" badge! Don't understand it that would job-related for chrome.
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