How to increase dedicated video memory intel hd graphics 3000

The graphics card is the many determining item of hardware of your system once it comes to impacting your in its entirety PC performance. If your graphics card (dedicated or integrated) is old with mediocre specs, you’ll the majority of likely be prohibited from accessing brand-new and warm applications and also games. If you don’t have actually the money for a brand also brand-new GPU, you could be able to fool your mechanism by faking a VRAM rise.

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What is VRAM?

Most of the errors created by a doing not have graphics card have actually something to perform via the video RAM (VRAM). VRAM is a special kind of RAM that is responsible for holding on to information that the GPU needs. It enhances performance by permitting the GPU to fetch information and also beam it to your monitor in a hasty matter.

VRAM is a lot quicker in percreating GPU associated jobs bereason it’s specifically built for this high-intensity objective and also it’s physically much closer to the GPU. You’re most likely mindful that integrated graphics card are budget-friendly but come nowbelow near to the graphics output of dedicated options. But save in mind that having even more VRAM won’t necessarily improve the performance of your computer.

Having inenough VRAM means that your system requirements to exploit traditional RAM – this converts right into performance drops, lower frame rate, texture pop-ins and also other things of this kind.

If you are prevented from running particular games or applications because you have inenough VRAM, you have a few methods forward.

How to Increase the Dedicated VRAM of your GPU

Of course, the best method of boosting your video RAM is to buy a brand-new graphics card. If your dedicated GPU is outdated or you’re still relying on your included graphics card, upgrading to a brand-new GPU design will give a huge rise to the in its entirety performance (if you have CPU and also RAM good enough to sustain the growth).

However before, in the event that you don’t have the money for an upgrade, tright here are 2 various other means that you can usage to increase the dedicated VRAM of your GPU (at least on paper). Feel complimentary to follow whichever before approach seems even more approachable considering your certain instance.

How to inspect the amount of video RAM

Before you begin the procedure of faking a VRAM boost, it’s essential that you don’t shed track of the actual count. Here’s a quick overview on seeing the amount of video RAM (VRAM) that you have on your computer.

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Note: The procedures below were developed via Windows 10 in mind yet you’ll many likely have the ability to recreate them on older Windows versions. For added help, refer to the Keep in mind paragraphs under each step.

Press Windows essential + R to open up a Run box. Then, type “ms-settings:easeofaccess-display” and also hit Enter to open the Display tab of the Settings app.
Note: For Windows 7 and also Windows 8, rearea the command also over via dpiscaling and also hit Enter.Scroll dvery own and click Cutting edge display screen settings, then click on Display adapter properties for Display 1.
You have the right to examine out your VRAM count under Adapter information at Dedicated Video Memory. But store in mind that if you have actually both a devoted GPU and an included graphics card, this home window will certainly show you the included solution if your COMPUTER is in idle.
Note: If you’re dedicated GPU is idle, you have the right to force your mechanism to switch to it by performing a stressful task. Also, you have the right to accessibility your dedicated GPU utility (e.g. NVIDIA Control Panel) and see the dedicated Video Memory from there.

Method 1: Increasing Dedicated VRAM from BIOS

The initially and the many recommfinished make-carry out solution is to readjust the VRAM alarea from your computer BIOS. Sure, this strategy is not applicable on all motherboards, yet most manufacturers incorporate an alternative tweak the VRAM allocation.

Here’s a quick overview on raising the dedicated VRAM from the BIOS settings:

Rebegin your computer and also enter the BIOS settings at the next startup by pressing the dedicated BIOS essential repetitively during the bootup. Try pushing F2, F5, F8 or Del key continuously. If that doesn’t job-related, search online for particular measures on entering the BIOS settings in relation to your motherboard manufacturer.Once you reach the BIOS food selection, look for a food selection similar to Graphics Settings, Video Settings or VGA Share Memory Size. You can frequently find it under the Advanced food selection.Then, up the Pre-Alsituated VRAM to whichever option suits you best.
Save the configuration and restart your computer system. At the next startup, usage the procedure above to check out if the VRAM count has been increased.

If this strategy wasn’t applicable or you’re searching for a various technique that doesn’t involve changing BIOS settings, continue dvery own to Method 2.

Method 2: Increasing the Dedicated VRAM using Registry Editor

Keep in mind that for many included graphics cards, the amount of VRAM reported in the Adapter Properties window is completely irpertinent for the actual performance because the device will certainly immediately change it on an on-demand basis.

However, some games and various other application types will certainly not enable you to run them if you are under the minimum mentioned VRAM. In this instance, you can usage a Regisattempt Editor trick to modify the values so that the game will certainly no much longer encounter the error. Here’s a quick guide on just how to this:

Note: Keep in mind that the following actions are only applicable for included GPUs from Intel. Also, this approach won’t offer you any performance or additional increase in your games/applications this approach will just trick the games/applications to run on reduced VRAM.

Press Windows key + R to open up up a Run box. Then, kind “regedit” and hit Enter to open Registry Editor.
Inside Regisattempt Editor, usage the left-hand pane to navigate to the adhering to location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Software IntelRight-click the Intel vital and also choose New > Key and also name it GMM.With the GMM crucial selected, relocate over to the appropriate pane and also select New > Dword (32-bit) Value and name it DedicatedSegmentSize.

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Double-click on DedicatedSegmentSize, collection the Base to Decimal and insert a value from 0 to 512. This worth will certainly be the amount of VRAM shown inside the Adapter Properties menu.
Save the alters and also rebegin your computer to enpressure the transforms. At the next startup, see if you deserve to start the game without the error.