How to hide posts on tumblr dashboard

You can hide articles on your Tumblr blog’s residence page in a few different methods. You can publish the article as Private, conserve the short article as a Draft or schedule the article to publish on a details day and time in the Queue. While posts are in Draft create or conserved in the Queue, the posts are hidden from public check out. When you publish a private post on a standard blog, just you can see the hidden post on your blog page. If you publish a personal article on a mutual blog, your personal posts can be regarded by you, blog members and administrators.

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Log in to your Tumblr dashboard, then click the icon for the kind of write-up to publish in the peak toolbar to open up a brand-new write-up create. For instance, click the “Aa Text” icon to open the New Text Post form.

Type an optional title for the short article, if the area is obtainable, then complete the short article form. Add an optional summary, if the field is available for the short article form.

Click the down arrowhead at the top of the short article form, then click the blog on which you want to save the new short article.

Click the dvery own arrow alongside the “Post” symbol to see extra posting choices.

Click the “Private” option in the conmessage menu, then click “Create Private Post” to publish the article. The article is published as private.

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Click the “Save as Draft” choice in the conmessage food selection, then click “Save Draft” to conserve the post in your Drafts folder. When you conserve your initially draft, a Drafts tab shows up on your blog’s dashboard.

Click the “Schedule” choice to schedule the article to be published at a later on time. Type the day and also time to schedule the article in the Schedule field that shows up under the alternative. Click “Schedule” to save the write-up to your queue. You deserve to also click “Add to Queue” in the conmessage menu to include the short article to your queue without scheduling the short article to publish. The initially write-up you conserve to your queue will develop the Queue alternative in your blog’s dashboard.


You can modify an existing short article to make it personal.


Keep in mind that you will still see personal posts in your timeline. You can access the sharing URL for the exclusive write-up by opening the short article in your timeline, clicking the “Share” icon, then clicking the “Private URL” alternative.

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