How to go back to old reddit layout

To anyone brand-new to or this sub and also if you are choose me and also absolutely despise the brand-new layout of right here is a quick overview to switching earlier.

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Unfortunately through the new layout of every one of the imperiods, shade schemes, sidebar and also attributes we have and also that I hope to include sooner or later are no much longer visible. To switch ago to the old layout follow the listed below measures.

Click preferences alongside your user name in the height right edge of the browser

Scroll dvery own to "beta options" close to the extremely bottom of the page

Make sure that the complying with choices DO NOT have a examine mark

View user prorecords on desktop using legacy mode (by allowing this, you will watch all user profiles in heritage mode)

Click save options at the bottom of the page

Now you need to view the original sub via our functioning sidebar web links, layout, news header, images and also our exceptionally special Althe majority of Dead Snoo

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2 years ago
Thanks for posting this. I've made sure the brand-new design is disabled in my beta settings and that's functioned perfectly.

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Additionally, you have the right to also use the attend to rather of the continual - this likewise pressures the old architecture without having actually to adjust any account settings.

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At Least I'm Enjoying The RADOriginal Poster2 years ago

Very true. I thought about posting this strategy yet it would certainly constantly revert ago to the brand-new architecture for me for some factor.

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