How to get windows to stop asking to upgrade to windows 10

Many of us were astounded to uncover that, as of last night, Microsoft’s Windows 10 nagware is being installed on domain-joined computers. I’ve seen a flood of new complaints from Windows 7 and 8.1 customers -- and also admins -- asking just how to eliminate the Get Windows 10 symbol in the status bar, how to proccasion Microsoft from force-downloading and install 5GB of pre-installation documents onto customers’ PCs, and also exactly how to save PCs from obtaining locked up with a seemingly compelled “Upgrade to Windows 10” alert.

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Here’s where we stand also.

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If you have the right to watch the Get Windows 10 icon in your device tray, Josh Mayfield’s GWX Control Panel (updated today) will delete the symbol, rerelocate and also hide the offfinishing KB patches, and perdevelop the regisattempt adjust that tells Windows 7 and 8.1 to not install Windows 10 -- yet it only works if you use it early enough in the upgrade cycle.

If you go into Windows Upday and see a normal upday display screen listing crucial and optional updates, you haven’t been completely infected by the Windows 10 upgrade shenanigans. You can safely treat Windows Upday as you constantly have actually -- which, in my situation, means setting Windows Upday to “Notify yet don’t downpack,” and also avoiding this month’s patches until we know even more around them.


If you go into Windows Update and acquire a screen that states “Upgrade to Windows 10” (screenshot), you may think you’re stuck -- the just update you have the right to install is the one that upgrades the device to Windows 10. In truth, you have the right to install any kind of patches you like without installing Windows 10. Click the attach that claims "Sjust how all obtainable updays." Unexamine the box noted “Upgrade to Windows 10,” select (check) any type of updates you may desire to use, click OK, and click Install Updays. Based on tests with dozens of devices, Windows 7 or 8.1 will certainly apply only the patches you pick. It will not start the upgrade to Windows 10.

To remove the “Upgrade to Windows 10” message, run GWX Control Panel, click package to “Disable Get Windows 10 App,” then “Disable Operating System Upqualities in Windows Upday.” The previous option deletes and hides a cornucopia of Windows updates responsible for the festering mess. The last option sets the regisattempt key detailed in KB 3080351 -- you don’t have to manually readjust the registry, and it works whether or not you have the Group Policy Editor.

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GWX Control Panel does not work if Windows Upday mirrors the “Your upgrade to Windows 10 is ready” message (screenshot), nor if you’re getting messeras that say “It’s practically time for your upgrade,” permitting you to reschedule -- yet not cancel -- the upday.

We’ve been running a collection of tests over on the AskWoody site, seeing if there’s a method to thwart late-phase forced upgrade scenarios. (I say “forced” realizing that, at some point, the Windows 10 customer may have actually clicked a box that readily available to “Reserve your cost-free upgrade.” Few civilization would intend that a one-click reservation would start you down the course of an irreversible upgrade, eh?) At this point, we have one possibly problematic solution that doesn’t job-related on all equipments.

The potentially problematic solution: Restore to a reclaim allude before Sept. 15. If you’ve ever before used gain back points, you recognize that rolling ago have the right to create problems: Programs and also vehicle drivers you’ve installed given that the rollback suggest might not occupational, settings made in the interim mostly don’t take, and also other ancillary problems such as those disputed in this Lifehacker article. Windows 8.1 doesn’t also generate automatic gain back points, and unmuch less you’ve turned on the feature (one of the first actions noted in "Windows 8.1 All-in-One for Dummies"), you won’t discover any kind of regain points. The conserving grace: Running a restore doesn’t touch any type of of your data documents. Most of the time, you can go with a device reclaim and hardly know anything was changed.

If you’re lucky enough to have actually a gain back point dated before Sept. 15, run a regain and watch if that gets rid of the “Your upgrade to Windows 10 is ready” message. If the “Your upgrade” message is gone, immediately run GWX Control Panel and also get rid of all the vestiges that may be lurking.

If you don’t have a regain point dated Sept. 15 or earlier, hang in tright here, don’t restart your computer system, and let’s check out if somebody have the right to come up via a solution. 

Several human being have actually detailed that Windows 10 won"t install unless the customer agrees to a EULA. Unfortunately, Microsoft hasn"t published any type of information around just how canceling in the middle of the upgrade works -- and it looks prefer your system does not go ago to a pre-forced-upgrade state.

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By the way and for the record, I personally have actually upgraded my working devices to Windows 10, and also it functions fine. I’m not anti-Windows-10, however I’m anti-coerced-upgrading. Microsoft’s habits in this stealthy upgrade debacle has been appalling.