How to get rid of quick access google drive

Recently, Google introduced a new function in Google Drive that provides it simpler to conveniently accessibility recently-opened up or recently-edited files by displaying them at the peak of the Google Drive web page. However, if you desire to disable this attribute, you have the right to perform so conveniently.

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Many kind of customers most likely choose this attribute, yet for some it’s simply an annoyance and also takes up valuable display screen real estate. Luckily, you deserve to disable this function on the Google Drive internet interchallenge, and also in the Google Drive apps for iPhone and also Android. Here’s just how to carry out it.

On the Web Interface

Go to to access your Google Drive, and also click on the settings equipment icon up in the top-right corner of the home window.

Click on “Settings”.

Find the “Rapid Access” function and uninspect the box beside “Make relevant documents handy when you need them.”

Hit “Done” at the top of that pop-up home window and then refresh the page. Poof!

In the iPhone App

If you’re an iPhone user, open up up the Google Drive application and tap on the food selection switch in the top-left corner of the screen.

Select “Settings” at the bottom.

Tap on “Rapid Access”.

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Tap on the toggle switch next to “Enable Quick Access” to disable it.

In the Android App

On Android, open up the Google Drive application and tap on the menu switch in the top-left corner.

Scroll all the way down and choose “Settings”.

Tap on the toggle switch alongside “Enable Quick Access” to disable it.

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