How to get rid of black bars in csgo

Basically, my nvidia regulate panel just has actually the 3d settings tab, doesn't have the screen one, and also I updated everything I can. Anyone obtained this difficulty and also fixed it?


In your Nvidia control panel go to the "Adsimply desktop dimension and position" tab and put the scaling on complete display.

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I shelp in the short article that there isn't a Display tab, which have actually that option to readjust desktop size and also position.

For it to work for me I had actually to inspect package for "override the scaling mode set by games and programs"

Try placing "-noborder -fullscreen -w 1024 -h 768" in the CSGO launch options. Not sure if it functions without the nvidia manage panel setting.

But the point is, I simply redownloaded gepressure endure chauffeurs and shadowplay faibrought about downfill and the regulate panel is still through the same point, I don't understand if its a windows 10 problem...

Hey man, I had precisely the very same trouble, but the just distinction is that I have actually GT630M. Everytime I opened CS it gave me black bars.

Find HRC (hotvital resolution changer) on google and also download it. It's totally safe. Set your resolutions and also bind tricks (for ex. I have ctrl+alt+f4 for normal res, which is 1366x768 and ctrl+alt+f3, which stands for in-game res, 1024x768). Turn on the regime and also hit up CS, and while in-game, push your bind secrets which are standing for in-game res. It will certainly stretch.

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By the way, in-game res must correspond via the establishing in HRC, otherwise it will skew up.

//edit: ofc once you're done playing the game, you deserve to push continuous res bind keys.

Uninstall nvidia drivers (use screen driver uninstaller) and reinstall drivers so you can watch the nvidia manage panel.

Then go to "Adjust desktop size and also position" then complete display mode and you could have to inspect the box that states "override the scaling mode....."

If you have actually a lappeak possibly the element ratio is controlled on the intel graphics instead of nvidia. If this is the case it should be easy to discover the element proportion choices.

In my brother's laptop even when the element ratio was collection to stretch, the game would certainly launch in black bars. What I did to settle this was set the launch options to pressure the resolution that he wanted (-w 1024 -h 768) and also then have the desktop computer resolution set to indigenous (1080p). This means the game would launch
1024x768 stretched with no black bars and whenever I alt+tab, the desktop computer would certainly be normal 1080p. If I got back into the game it was 1024x768 stretched aget.

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In my lappeak what I perform is: readjust the resolution to 1024x768 (and the desktop computer itself will certainly show up with babsence bars); after that i collection my refresh rate to 75Hz and also for some reason it stretches the display and removes black bars so I don't have to carry out anything else various other than that

go to Windows control panel and also uninstall every little thing with video drivers and also uninstall Nvidia manage panel and also reinstall from gepressure endure. also ik this may be stupid for me to ask yet make certain you have a Nvidia card and also not AMD xD by friend has actually asked me prior to and he ended up having actually a AMD card the entirety time


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