How to flip images in

Just wondering if it is possible to select a component of a photo and also then flip it, either horizontally or vertically, on the same layer?


I"ve been copying the item I want to flip to a short-term layer, then flipping the layer, re-choosing the item and copying it back to my original layer, and also then deleting the short-lived layer.

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Is tright here an much easier way?




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Download: BoltBait"s Plugin Pack | CodeLab | and exactly how about a Computer Dominos Game



I think I have your plug-in load because I use "bevel selection" all the time.


Wbelow would certainly I look for "flip selection"?


Those flip the whole layer. Many type of times, I just desire to flip a solitary piece of a photo. Right currently I am making use of the technique I defined above: I select the item, copy it to a short-lived layer, then usage either Flip Horizontal or Flip Vertical to get the orientation I desire, then copy it ago to the original layer and also erase my short-lived layer.


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Unmuch less somepoint has actually readjusted, it still flips the whole layer, even through energetic selection.

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(Verifying). Yup, also via an energetic selection, it flips the entirety layer.

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Yes, I was. Which was why I asked wbelow Boltbait"s version was. I execute note that you can not use choosing only the item and then flip it. You have to have actually a room around the item schosen, additionally.

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