How to find skype groups

In your team chat, select the Group nameto open the group profile. From the group profile, you can:

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Add or update a group picture - Click thegroup phototoupload a photo or rerelocate the photo. Change your team name- Click the
Editbutton alongside your group name to type a new one. Sfinish a attach to join your group- Click
Share link to sign up with groupto share an invitation link to your group chat outside of Sfinish a message- Click
Send message
to sfinish a message to this group. Start a call- Click
Start call
to begin an audio call through this team approximately 100 complete participants. If the speak to choice is not available, the team is too big. Schedule a call - Click
Schedule a callto sfinish this group an invite for a call on a details date and also time. Add People - Select
Add peopleto encompass up to 600 additional participants in your team conversation. Group Gallery- SelectSjust how moreto browse all the images, web links, and documents that have actually been shared to this group chat.

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Notifications: Turn notifications on or off for new messeras in this group. Smart Notifications: WithSmart Notificationson, you will only be notified anytime someone quotes or

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mentions you in this group. Chat history: Allow everyone to access the chat background. Share team via link: Select to allow team members to develop and share an invitation attach for this group. Leave group: Leave the team chat.

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