How to export google groups members

How carry out I export addresses of members of a Google Groups group that I am a member of?

The manager did not limit the opportunity of viewing the list of members, And I deserve to watch the list at:!members/GROUPNAMEhowever tright here was no opportunity of exporting!

This is just how it looks.Only when you click the damaged address,This mirrors the attend to in full.

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Is tright here any type of means to export the list anyway?



You have the right to take screenshots and also use an OCR application to extract the message.

For example: usage a screenswarm tool favor Greenswarm or SnagIt or the Windows Trimming Device.

Save imperiods of the user list, preferably in a lossmuch less format like BMP.Use an OCR-qualified tool such as Acrobat (not Reader) to grab the text out of the imeras (make pdf, Sdeserve to & OCR, Recognize Text)

Copy the text into the application of your alternative (e.g. Excel) via the clipboard.Manually correct OCR errors in the list.

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The Google Groups" members email export function is just accessible for group owners and administrators not for members.

I never before tried to usage web-scrapping approaches to get email form a Google Group members page but Google freshly announced that they readjusted Google Groups settings in order to enhance the privacy and defense of them. Considering this I think that it will be harder than before for consistent members to gain the email addresses of the various other members of the group.

The less complicated solution is to ask the team owner/administrator to export the email attend to for you.


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