How to draw lines in gimp

GIMP is a fascinating software application for editing and enhancing imeras and other graphical tasks. But, it does not assistance any kind of straight tool for drawing a line. Drawing a line is a vital task for any graphics tool. But, we deserve to draw a line in GIMP without installing any type of exterior tool or plugin. It is a right forward procedure.

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Tbelow are many kind of devices for illustration a line in GIMP. We have the right to draw and readjust a line making use of a paintbrush, freehand also illustration, and so on However before, by illustration from these tools, we are not able to appropriately attract a directly line. We will certainly define some keystrokes that will certainly enable us to attract an accurate right or horizontal line.

We have the right to usage the complying with tools for illustration a line:

Paintbrush ToolPencil ToolAirbrush ToolInk Tool (Calligraphy tool)Smudge ToolDodge/Burn Tool

All of the above devices are qualified sufficient to attract a forced line. We have tested all these tools, and these tools are working fine via the latest GIMP version.

In this tutorial, we will explain just how to draw a directly line. Also, we will discuss just how to draw various other lines, such as horizontal, vertical, and so on.

How to Draw a Straight Line Using GIMP?

In GIMP, Drawing a right line is a directly forward procedure like Photoshop. We have the right to conveniently draw a line. There are no particular devices easily accessible in GIMP for illustration the straight line. But, we have the right to carry out so by using the SHIFT vital and also mouse. For illustration a line, we need to select any kind of of drawing devices such as Paintbrush, Pencil. We have the right to draw via a background or without background shade on the photo. Let"s understand exactly how to attract a line in GIMP.

To draw a line, follow the listed below steps:

Step1: Create an Image

The major action is to develop a new photo. To create a brand-new photo, navigate to File-> New food selection or hit CTRL+N keys. It will certainly open a dialog home window asking the picture properties.


Get in the picture size and various other worths. If we desire a transparent background, pick the Fill With Option through Transparency. It will certainly only present the attracted lines. Now click Ok to proceed.

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Step2: Select a Drawing Tool

Select any kind of drawing tool such as pencil, paintbrush, airbrush, and so on. for illustration. To select any drawing tool, choose it from the toolbox or navigate the Tools->Repaint Tools food selection.

Step3: Start Drawing

After picking a Drawing tool, click anywhere on the image Canvas and pick a starting point. To draw an image, organize the SHIFT key and relocate the pointer; it will take directly to the moving direction. Click anywhere; the line will be attracted.


We deserve to adjust the thickness, opacity, color, and so on of the line from the tool choices menu given at the toolbox"s bottom:


similarly, pick one more point and draw an additional line. When the wanted lines are developed, conserve the photo utilizing the import alternative from the file food selection.


Here two lines crossing each other are drawn; similarly, we can make other diagrams. Below is one more instance of illustration lines.


We have actually created a picture filled via background color in the above photo and also pick the MyPaint Brush tool with red color.

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It is a powerful GIMP; by simply holding the SHIFT essential, we have the right to attract a directly line in any kind of direction. Similarly, we deserve to produce horizontal, parallel, and also even more lines.