How to disable connections optimizer

February 25, 2013March 24, 2013 John F 43 Comments Android Apps, EVO 3D, EVO 4G, EVO 4G LTE, EVO Design 4G, HTC, LTE, Sprint, WiMAX

Now that the original HTC EVO 4G, the EVO 3D, the EVO Design 4G, and the EVO 4G LTE have all been updated to incorporate Sprint’s Connections Optimizer application, it’s time we take a close look at what this application does, and just how beneficial it really is.

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If Connections Optimizer is installed on your phone, it’s generally obtainable as “Automatic Connections” in your mobile network-related settings. It purports to assist you “manage and improve your information suffer by finding and connecting to ‘remembered’ Wi-Fi networks on your device and, if applicable, the Sprint 4G Netoccupational.” In various other words, this app – which Sprint is actually in the procedure of rolling out to its entire Android line up – will certainly instantly affix you to obtainable WiFi networks as you take a trip around throughout the day and go about your company. Sprint clintends (via partial correctness) that this will certainly assist keep your battery, as connecting to easily accessible WiFi is usually a lot more battery reliable than connecting to 3G or 4G, although this won’t necessarily always administer you via a “better” data experience.

For example, if someone is constantly walking roughly a college campus that has actually spotty WiFi, your phone may constantly bounce between weak WiFi signals and the mobile netoccupational, bring about data that’s borderline unusable for the finish user. Additionally, some WiFi networks call for you to authorize in or accept some terms and problems before use; Sprint Connections Optimizer won’t take treatment of that automatically for you, leading to a connection to WiFi via no data transfer.

Anvarious other potential problem through Connections Optimizer is the fact that it doesn’t actually toggle your WiFi radios on and off; you still have to manually shut off your radios if you don’t want your device to connect to WiFi. Failing to perform this can lead to your phone constantly looking for an available WiFi netoccupational, or connecting to weak WiFi networks, which might ultimately kill your battery much faster than if you were sindicate to save WiFi off and also remajor connected to 3G or 4G instead.

At the same time, some people have reported connecting to particular WiFi netfunctions as soon as they did not intfinish to do so; in various other words, Connections Optimizer forced WiFi on because of the location of the phone. This could be all ideal for some people, however others favor that WiFi remajor off once they manually rotate it off. This “feature” could be a large headache for some users.

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Thus, I think that for general WiFi monitoring and also automatic toggling, there are much much better apps out there you can pick. My individual favorite is Smart WiFi Toggler, which I reregarded last month, yet others are just as good. Smart WiFi Toggler will keep WiFi off as soon as you manually revolve it off, regardless of your place, for example. It will also immediately revolve off your WiFi radios when you travel ameans from a WiFi netjob-related, unfavor Connections Optimizer.

Tright here are additionally privacy comes to through Connections Optimizer, too: Sprint advises, “To facilitate quality assurance and enable function enhancements, your wireless company provider collects indevelopment around your battery levels, Wi-Fi, and netjob-related relations and also usage.” In various other words, you are sharing rather a little of indevelopment with Sprint – somepoint not everyone will certainly feel comfortable doing.

However, there is one usage instance in which I uncover Connections Optimizer to really shine: If you very own a WiMAX phone, choose the EVO 4G or the EVO 3D, this app will certainly help you instantly attach to 4G as soon as you travel to a space wright here it’s easily accessible. Unfavor Sprint’s newer LTE-compatible phones, WiMAX acts even more like WiFi in that you need to remember to revolve it on and off; leaving your WiMAX radio on all the moment is a substantial battery drain – a lot more so than leaving your WiFi on all the time. Sprint Connections Optimizer deserve to definitely aid via this – however just if you periodically travel to a WiMAX company area.

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So what’s my ultimate verdict in regards to Connections Optimizer? It could be OK for the more incompetent human being, and also it will absolutely aid Sprint resolve some area on its overly congested 3G network-related, But honestly, the majority of Sprint customers deserve to find better apps that will certainly control what this application is supposed to carry out. does not accept targeted advertising, phony guest posts, paid reviews, and so on. Help us keep this method via assistance on Patreon!