How to delete all posts in a tag on tumblr

When I put a tag on a post, Tumblr conserves that tag. Meaning, when I begin making a tag on a different write-up later on, it lists suggestions for autofill from previous tags I’ve made which so far have all been saved. How do I make Tumblr soptimal doing this? I want to delete some of the tags which I think are currently usemuch less.

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For the tab suggestions you"ll need to go back to previous posts and remove them manually. Once that"s done you"ll be able to gain the autosuggestions to speak.

One way to check is to go to and make sure none are tright here.

However, popular tags used by various other Tumblrs will certainly still present up in the suggestions.

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If you have the Tumblr application, kind dvery own the search you desire and look on the top appropriate corner of the display. You"ll watch a setting switch or one favor that, click it and adjust Save this search so that it will not be a conserved tag.


If you have actually the app just click the tracked tag and also it will either say track or tracking and if you click on that so it says track it will certainly not be on your list of tracked tags. I don"t know if this works on a computer system or not hope this helped!

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