How to create drop down list in libreoffice calc

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Dropdown lists are a mainstay of many kind of spreadsheets and also develops. They assist you control what civilization have the right to enter, as well as offering them concepts for what types of points they might say.

You can make dropdown lists in a couple ways, at leastern, in The easiest method is to use the tools accessed under Documents > Validity. The lists are basic to make, plus you can conveniently usage the worths in formulas. In the complying with illustration, the value in B2, schosen from a dropdown list, is referenceable in another cell.

Another means you deserve to use the values in the dropdown list (among many) is to concatenate them. Click the adhering to illustration to watch it larger. The formula

=CONCATENATE(B2;" is a terrific source of indevelopment.")

sucks in the message in the dropdvery own list in B2.

So how carry out you make this list? I"ll tell you.

1. Click in the cell wbelow you desire the list.

2. Choose Documents > Validity.

3. In the list at the peak, select List as the kind of information.

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4. Select the assorted alternatives you want.

- Allow blank cells: simply what it sounds choose. This suggests you do not need to choose a worth from the list, but if you type even one blank area, you can gain the error message. More on that later.- Sjust how selection list: you definitely want this. What"s the allude of a list if you do not watch it? Plus, then it"s difficult to figure out which cell has the list, to go earlier and also modify it. (To modify an existing list, simply select it and also choose Documents > Validity again.)- Sort entries ascending: alphabetical order sorting. If you do not note this, the items appear in the order you entered them.

5. Type the items you want in the list. Just press Enter to acquire to each new line.

6. Click OK. You"ll see the list. Select somepoint from the list. However, note that you have the right to still form somepoint that"s not in the list, in addition to choosing something in the list.

7. If you desire to need that people only enter somepoint from the list, you have to execute one more step. (You didn"t have to click OK at that point; I simply had you execute that to show you the impact of not setting an error alert.) Select the cell wbelow the dropdown list is and also choose File > Validity aobtain.

8. Select the Error Alert tab.

9. You need to pick the Sjust how Error Blog post checkbox, pick an error kind (Stop is what you desire to enpressure selection of an object from the list), and optionally kind the error title and error content.

10. Now click OK aobtain.

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11. Now once you try to kind something different in the list, you gain the error message you produced.

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