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I then use the rectangle selection tool to select a character and copy the selection. When I use paste brand-new photo, I gain a brand-new image that is specifically the very same dimension as my selection, yet it consists of an empty transparent layer, rather of what I (thought) duplicated. I"ve tried merging the visible layers (also though tright here is only one) and what not, but nopoint appears to change the outcome. I"ve never before had this difficulty through other imperiods prior to.

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Any concept what is going on and how I have the right to obtain gimp to copy/paste my section?



Same point occurred to me, the non-Python construct is broken on OSX. You have to install the one via the extras, existing attach is .


Be sure you are selecting the layer through the image, because if for any type of reason there is one more layer (perhaps you could have developed accidentally) and this layer is not in the location you are picking, it might seems to you favor an empty transparent layer.

In this instance, delete this layer and also use this from an additional answer: How do I usage the Selection tool to relocate things in GIMP?



I"m having actually this concern as well through Gimp 2.8.10 on OSX. Seems like an insect. Quitting the program and refounding it solved it for me. Mecount closing and also re-opening the image wasn"t sufficient.

I recognize it"s an old threview but here"s how I sorted it. I was zoomed in the reduced quadrant of the picture and also GIMP pasted the clipboard onto the top-left edge. So clicking the pasted layer only verified the duplicated area.

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To view the pasted photo, zoom out to watch the totality image!

Hope assist someone save some time.

I have actually the very same concern, trying to copy/paste slice of photo in empty room after canvas resize. After some time, I realize that Gimp OSX not show the part of pasted picture just inside of new canvas.

To settle, should conserve canvas alters prior to copy/paste :

1) I reset all transforms, reload image, readjust canvas, save it, cshed image

2) I reload picture, select component of image, now copy/paste functions fine.

Possibly you need to use "Copy Visible" not "Copy". Copy appears to neglect the selection and also copy the totality photo rather.

If the entire image is replicated and also pasted over the entire image then the outcome will certainly be no readjust, which might be what you are seeing.

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