How to connect a blu ray player to a computer

Is it a standalone Blu-ray player (like Sony or LG) you desire to use as an exterior disc driver for your pc, or you desire to use these 2 devices to set up a DLNA server? Or it is simply a Blu-Ray disk drive for the COMPUTER you want to mount to your computer.

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Blu-ray Disc Drive for PC

If it is a Blu-ray player that needs a drive bay to be mounted to your desktop computer, or a slim external Blu-ray drive utilizing a USB cable to attach to your lapheight, then the procedure of connecting Blu-ray player to pc is simple.

You have the right to follow the overview below to connect and erected Blu-ray player on your computer system, then play movies via BD player or ripper software program.

Standalone Blu-ray Player

If your Blu-ray player is a standalone unit that is designed to play movies discs and output to a TV screen, and you want to use it as an external BD driver for your computer, then points might come to be exceptionally complicated as a result of numerous technical troubles. The simpler and also more time-saving means is to acquire a Blu-ray computer driver and BD player or BD ripper software.

However, if you desire to try it out of curiosity, you can inspect the “Feasibility Analysis of Connecting a Regular/DLNA Blu-Ray Player to PC” below and discover the answer you require.

Or, assuming you have a desktop computer, you have the right to likewise usage an HDMI cable to affix the Blu-ray player to COMPUTER monitor if you choose.

For home entertainment, you can looking for the solution to connect a DLNA enabled Blu-ray Disc player to a computer and stream media like music, video, and also photos on your computer system. Yep, these tricks are additionally consisted of below.

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1. Feasibility Analysis of Connecting a Regular Blu-Ray Player to Pc

Maybe you are wondering is tbelow a way to connect your spare Blu-ray player to COMPUTER.

Well, in most instances, it will certainly not function the same means as it would as soon as linked to the TV in your living room.

And just how about using an adapter that helps to plug Blu-ray right into a USB port, or some video capture device to decode the signal output from the player?

It’s still a complicated task for you. And below is why.

The Crux of This Issue

• Video Capturing

Of course, it is possible to capture and also re-display screen video using HDMI for the uncompressed video.

But you will need a Thunderbolt port to execute the capture.

Because the data transferred by means of HDMI for a simple Blu-ray playing is around 4.9 gigabits per second (Gbs). The 4K bitprice can even go as much as 20Gbs, which is beyond the ability of the USB 3.1 Gen 2 port to capture.

• Video Compression

If you intend to make a damage and also accept a compressed video via a USB HDMI capture device, you will certainly learn a hard leskid from this.

Because the HDMI capture tool you can find will carry out on-board AVC encoding on its own. The bitrate of the compressed video moved to the pc will certainly decrease to roughly 100Mbs. That is as well a lot to compromise.

• AVC Encoding

That is difficult to have actually enough bandwidth for the AVC encoding. Because of your low-expense hardware which is not as great as a professionally made Blu-ray in encoding.

• HDCP Content Protection

Generally, the outputs video of your Blu-ray player will certainly be encrypted via HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection), while the HDMI capture gadget is a recording device. That’s not legal to decode the HDCP signal. Also, some older video cards might not assistance HDCP on the VGA link.

Is tbelow an exception? How around connecting a DLNA Blu-ray Player to PC as an exterior BD driver for my Windows PC?

If you have allowed DLNA on your Blu-ray Player and you want to usage it as a Blu-ray drive to your PC, then you deserve to have a customer on your computer, favor VLC, which has actually the capcapacity to perform as a DLNA client.

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2. Connect Regular Blu-Ray Player to My Computer Monitor with HDMI

HDMI Input

To attach a standalone Blu-ray player to a pc monitor is just around plug-and-play.

Assuming that your desktop computer has actually a monitor via an HDMI port, you deserve to plug the blu ray player into your monitor via an HDMI cable and adjust the input settings to HDMI input on the monitor.

Though the annoying component about this is that you will certainly must adjust the source your monitor is reflecting currently, that is assuming that your monitor has actually even more than on HDMI port.

If not, then eexceptionally time you want to watch something through your monitor, you’re going to have to mess around with wire, unplugging the HDMI that connects to your pc and also plugging it into your Blu-ray tool. Creating even more of a headache than its worth.

If you have actually more than one monitor for your computer setup, then you have actually the opportunity to watch your favorite movies on one monitor and continue gaming/functioning on the other monitor.

You May need an Further Speaker

If you were to go down the pc monitor course and also attach your Blu-ray device to a monitor to make this the resource of where your Blu-ray player is going to display your movies, you may additionally require a standalone speaker. This is bereason the majority of monitors on today’s market, new and old, either come through no speaker at all or have a really, really bad sounding speaking incorporated. So, if you don’t desire your favorite movies being destroyed by negative audio playago, acquire yourself a high quality set of headphones.

3. Connect a DLNA Blu-Ray Player to COMPUTER which is set as a DLNA Server for Home Entertainment

The DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) function permits users to stream media records, favor music, movies, and photo on their computer tough drive, to a DLNA supported Blu-ray Disc player via your network.

So, if you want your Blu-ray player to access the media from your pc or mac, consisting of those media from iTunes or iPhoto, you will certainly have to understand how to attach COMPUTER to the Blu-ray player and also put up the DLNA function on a computer system to share media paper in this area.


First, you will require a functioning broadband also connection with a rexternal.

Then you can connect your Blu-ray Player to your PC/Mac with this router making use of netoccupational cables or wirelessly.

But using Ethernet cables to affix these tools is highly recommended. Due to the fact that you have the right to acquire the ideal performance and also won’t be impacted by radio-frequency interference.

To attach your DLNA Blu-ray player to PC effectively, just examine the illustration below.

You deserve to uncover the Blu-ray menu. Set the subtitle or the audio you choose and also click the Play Movie to play.

*Why no PowerDVD?

Some Blu-ray drives come with a Blu-ray Player software program named PowerDVD, which is not recommfinished.

Only after you usage the Aiseesoft Blu-ray Player will certainly you find PowerDVD can’t compare.

Here is a list of 5 ideal Blu-ray Player software program for PC and also Mac in 2020.

Alternative: Play Blu-ray on your PC by Ripping

If you don’t want to mess through the exterior drive, aacquire and aacquire, you have the right to download and also use a Blu-ray ripper which enables you to digitize your favorite Blu-ray arsenal on your PC/lapoptimal. So you don’t need to bring discs and also the external Blu-ray player via you if you desire to watch movies on the go.

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You can simply store them in a tidy folder on your COMPUTER and also run them whenever before you please with the Blu-ray ripper software.