How to change xbox one controller sensitivity

Steam can work through almost all types of game controllers i.e., if the controller is detected as hardware on your device, it will additionally be detected by Steam itself. How well the controller works in a game really depends on the type it is and what controller the game supports.

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Xbox controller cam sensitivity

The Xbox controller is sustained by most games. If you need to select in between a PS4 controller and an Xbox controller, the Xbox controller is a far better option. Controllers regulate all elements of gameplay, consisting of activity and also POV or video camera. If you uncover the camera controls on an Xbox controller are also sensitive, you can modify them.

1. In-game electronic camera sensitivity

Games through good assistance for a controller will certainly have choices built-in to modify what the controls execute.

Open the game you desire to manage the electronic camera sensitivity in.Go to the game’s settings.Look for controller settings.Under controller settings, find horizontal and also vertical sensitivity settings and also readjust them to suit yourself.


Unfortunately, the settings panel is different in all games, so we can’t tell you wright here to look. Your game may not have actually these controls at all. In that situation, relocate to the following solution.

2. Set per-game video camera sensitivity

You can set the camera sensitivity for a Steam game on a per-game basis.

Open Steam.

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Go to your library.Select the game you want to collection the Xbox controller camera sensitivity for.Click the Controller Configuration tab.


In the home window that opens, choose the regulate or group of buttons that control the camera view.Click ‘Additonal Settings’.Use the horizontal and also vertical range sensitivity sliders to adjust the sensitivity of the camera controls.Click Back (or press B).Run the game, and the video camera sensitivity will be enhanced or lessened according to your new settings.

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It’s a great idea to collection the cam sensitivity on a per-game basis. If a game has actually settings for the horizontal and vertical sensitivity, you have to usage it initially to see if gameplay boosts. Modify Steam’s controller configuration just if the game’s very own settings perform not allow you to change video camera sensitivity or if they carry out not job-related and they must. If you uncover you have to change the cam sensitivity for all games, you can modify the main configuration for a controller. To execute that, go to Steam>Settings>Controllers and also click General Controller Settings.