How to change sticky note color

Have you constantly wanted to be able to adjust the color of your sticky notes? Change the font that you use inyour Storms? Or, readjust the shape of your ideas? Well, now you have the right to carry out all of that, and also more, with the brand-new attributes that we released today!

More Color!

You have the right to currently make all of your sticky notes full color! (Don’t issue, you deserve to still save the timeless look if you like.) In order to switch from the timeless look to the new full-shade alternative, click on the Setup food selection at the bottom of your display screen, select the “Styling” tab, and also under “Style” select “Full Color” (check out below).

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You have the right to change the shade of an individual sticky utilizing the sticky note menu (click when on the sticky note and also the food selection will certainly pop up), or you have the right to adjust the entire sticky note palette making use of the Setup Menu at the bottom of your screen.

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The background of individual sections of your layout or your entire Storm have the right to currently be filled via shade as well (view the picture above), which deserve to help you type your principles, better organize your meetings, and also more!

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Better Sticky Notes

We’ve made transforms to our sticky notes so that they look and also attribute better. Other than the brand-new color choices detailed above, the brand-new functions include:

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The capacity to choose various forms for your sticky notes

A brand-new look to the title stickies

You have the right to now access the sticky note menu by clicking as soon as on the sticky once

Cleaner Interface

We’ve cleaned up our sticky notes so that tright here is nopoint to distract from what is a lot of important — your ideas!

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As you can see in the old version of our sticky notes over, tright here is a sentence at the optimal of the note telling you once it was created, and the menu at the bottom is incredibly significant. In the brand-new version (below) the idea takes center stage.

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New scalable fonts make your concepts much easier to review. This implies that you no longer have to click a “more” button at the bottom of a sticky to check out the whole idea. The font shrinks intuitivelyto ensure that your entire principle have the right to fit on the note (you deserve to collection the minimum font dimension under the Setup Menu). Youcan also customize whether you desire your ideas to be instantly aligned to the facility of the sticky note or the height.

Anvarious other amazing new attribute allows you to change the font provided in your Storm. The easily accessible fonts are now Ante, Arvo Serif, Exo2, Open Sans, Raleway, and Tikal Sans. You can customize your font in the Setup Menu under the “Styling” tab.

New Settings in the Setup Menu

The Storm Setup Menu has actually been restructured into three tabs for even more customization: General, Features, and Styling.

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Under the General tab, you can rename your Storm and develop a description or goal for your Storm. The Features tab permits you to turn attributes on and off likeRealtime Cursor Positions, Idea Editing, and allowing or disablingStorm Chat. Under the Styling tab, you deserve to collection your sticky note color palette, minimum font dimension, text alignment, and also more!

Even More Exciting Features
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Perfectly align your sticky notesWe now have alignment guides! As you move sticky notes around your Storm, blue lines will certainly appear on thedisplay screen to assist you align your sticky notes in each section. Give it a try!

Preview URLsIf you add a URL to your Storm, you can currently ptestimonial the URL by hovering over the sticky note it has actually been added to (view image above).

Get Started

Do you have a question?Contact usor usage the chat feature on your Dashboard! Interested in upgrading your subscription to have complete access to all of the brand-new features?Check out our pricing web page.

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