How to change editing time on word document

Hi:I desire to be able to readjust the indevelopment on the "statistics" tab.Let me attempt to describe it.When you right click a word record, go down to "Properties", you check out numerous tabs like:General, Outline, Statistics, Content, CustomNow if you go dvery own to "Statistics" tab it shows you things like:Last Saved byRevision numberTotal Editing timeI would certainly prefer to be able to change these statistics.Any suggestions, including going dvery own to the the regisattempt or any type of point else no matter how bold and brave is welcome.I desire to have the ability to carry out that.Thanks,Keen Learner

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Open the document in MS Word. Then go to file food selection and properties. You can change a lot tright here. To mess with the days is a various story. You can adjust the day on your computer and reconserve the document to adjust the Modified or last accessed date.------------------P933, 133MHZ FSB, 256M RAMUltra 160, 18.2GB CheetahAnnihilator Pro, SBLIVE, DVD, FPS SOUNDMS Force Feedback, Cable Modem.AKA- The ultimate gaming machine.

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Thank you patinternet for your answer.Opening the Word record, accessing with File and then selecting properties, basically provides the exact same tabs.It, however, does not allow to readjust the essential points that I am interested in altering like:Revision Number, andTotal Editing TimeAny various other suggestions, pleaseKeen Learner
I don"t think Word will certainly allow you to readjust those worths. You can try the following procedure however I wouldn"t bet on it working. Open the record in an editor, go to the finish of the file and look for the info you desire to readjust. The adhering to web site has file layouts for a number of Word versions: (For formats of various other file types go to )Keep in mind that at least some of the data you want to modify is stored in binary so figuring out the brand-new value can be tricky. MAKE A COPY FOR BACKUP BEFORE YOU START MAKING MODIFICATIONS. Word might appfinish inspect characters to identify if a record is corrupted. If so, this strategy wont work. To test, attempt changing a character in the text, save the file and try to open up it in Word. Good luck and write-up back via your results. I"m curious if its feasible. Also curious why you have to readjust these items. Been messing about where you shouldn"t?