How to change default hard drive windows 8

Hi,I hope someone have the right to aid bereason I can not job-related this out!! I have actually a very little 64gb Solid State c drive on my pc yet 2 expensive 2TB HDD also.Is tbelow anymeans of switching the default storage setting so that Windows 8 will not save anypoint better to my C drive such as Apps etc? I understand its beforehand days but I simply deserve to not obtain this difficulty sorted and while my C drive isn"t as well clogged up at the minute, I"m sure it wont be long!!Thanks,Mike

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Well, you can"t tell it to never before keep new files on your C: drive, yet you can tell it to store some papers in other places. To readjust Program Files (and Program Files (x86) in 64 bit versions) then open up regedit and also navigate to:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionIn the best hand pane look for ProgramFilesDir and also ProgramFilesDir (x86) and right click edit and also change the areas.Now, some older apps difficult code composing their papers to c: however most need to be excellent citizens. Also, documents that are set up to the system directory will certainly always go to C:, no method to adjust that.You have the right to also change your Libraries to go to one more location, by ideal clicking those and also modifying them.

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Sean"s Windows 8 Install & Optimization Guide for SSDs & HDDs
Here is an excellent Guide for doing precisely that.Sean"s Windows 8 Install & Optimization Guide for SSDs & HDDsI provided his Guide to setup my Windows 7 with a 3 x 10,000 rpm SATA drives in a RAID 0 variety (striped), and also a RAID Mirrored array for my "DATA" drive. I moved my whole USER catalog to the mirrored drive and attached the C: Drive User brochure to it. It has actually been working great for 2 years and also it is fast as can be. Check out the Guide, it provides specifics for eexceptionally feasible issue and also configuration.You deserve to boot up in command also prompt safe mode and also move your USER catalog to the other disk and also then setup a difficult connect from the C: drive. Be certain to review the whole guide. Tright here are a few gotchas through a couple of Windows backup gain back functions that have the right to reset these links, so check initially prior to you execute anypoint prefer a Windows refresh or anything choose that.

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