How to change default currency in excel

I"m using Excel 2016 on MacOS High Sierra. I"m based in the UK, and also so my global default currency symbol is £. I"m producing a brand-new workbook through forecasts for a European procedure, so in that workbook I desire the default currency symbol to be €, so that I don"t need to readjust all the cell layouts manually. Is there any type of method to carry out this for just one workbook?


Disclaimer: I perform not have the Mac version of Office on which to test my suggestions, however all are main sufficient to Office that they should work-related virtually the exact same on both Mac and also Windows platdevelops.

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Excel uses your system settings to identify what the money button does by default, but it doesn"t actually have actually a default currency. In the number formatting team, rather than clicking the currency switch (which will certainly use your system default) you can click the drop-down arrowhead next to it to pick the Euro instead.


If you are doing this a lot and the additional step is inconvenient, you deserve to always temporarily readjust your mechanism currency settings then restart Excel. This method the default for the currency formatting button will go to the Euro immediately. This will not readjust existing files" money settings.

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If instead, you are trying to use an existing file which was created utilizing the Pound and also you want it to readjust all the currency fields to Euros, you deserve to carry out a uncover and rearea on the cell formatting. In the discover and also rearea dialog box, clicking the Options switch will enable you to select a format to search for. The most basic method to select the formatting is to use the Choose format from cell...

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alternative, yet this may encompass added formats besides simply the money.


Once the original format is selected, in the Relocation through box, you can select a new format and pick a new currency of the Euro.


Completing the rearea at this allude need to uncover all cells formatted via Pounds and also relocation them through Euro formatting. Be sure to readjust the Within: box in the Find and Rearea window to Workbook if you have more than one sheet below that demands this adjust.