How many predefined color schemes in word

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Document themes make it straightforward to coordinate colors, fonts, and also graphic formatting effects across your Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents and update them conveniently. You deserve to readjust the entire theme or just customize layout fonts, colors, or effects. 

I desire to

Choose a typical color design template

Create my own color layout

Change template fonts

Change template effects

Switch or remove a template

Save a custom theme for reuse

Make my changes the new default template

Learn even more around themes

Choose a standard color theme

On the Page Layout tab in Excel or the Design tab in Word, click Colors, and also pick the shade set you want.

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Tip: The first team of colors are the colors in the present theme.

Create my very own shade theme

On the Page Layout tab in Excel or the Design tab in Word, click Colors, and also then click Customize Colors.

In the Sample pane, pevaluation the changes that you made.

Repeat this for all the colors you want to adjust.

In the Name box, type a name for the new template colors, and click Save.

Tip: To go back to the original layout colors, click Reset before you click Save.

Change theme fonts

On the Page Layout tab in Excel or the Design tab in Word, click Fonts, and also pick the font set you desire.





Tip: The optimal fonts are the fonts in the current layout.

To create your very own collection of fonts, click Customize Fonts.

In the Create New Theme Fonts box, under the Heading font and Body font boxes, pick the fonts you want.


In the Name box, enter a name, and also click Save.

Change template effects

Theme effects incorporate shadows, reflections, lines, fills, and also more. While you cannot produce your own collection of theme impacts, you can pick a set of effects that work-related for your document.

On the Page Layout tab in Excel or the Design tab in Word, click Effects.


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Select the set of results that you want to use.


Switch or rerelocate a theme

To change themes, sindicate pick a different theme from the Themes menu. To go back to the default design template, pick the Office theme.

To remove template formatting from just a section of your record, pick the percentage you want to change and also readjust any type of formatting you prefer, such as font style, font size, color, and so on.

Save a custom template for reuse

Once you’ve made transforms to your layout, you can conserve it to use aget. Or you have the right to make it the default for brand-new files.

On the Page Layout tab in Excel or the Design tab in Word, click Themes > Save Current Theme.


In the Documents name box, enter a name for the layout, and also click Save.

Note: The theme is saved as a .thmx file in the Document Themes folder on your regional drive and also is automatically added to the list of tradition themes that show up as soon as you click Themes.


Make my changes the new default theme

After conserving your layout, you deserve to set it so it’s offered for all new documents.


Apply your tradition template to a blank workbook and also then save it as a layout called Book.xltx.


On the Design tab, click Set as Default.


More about themes

A document theme is a unique set of colors, fonts, and results. Themes are mutual across Office programs so that all your Office files can have actually the same, uniform look.

You have the right to likewise readjust the Office layout. The Office theme is the shade plan for your whole Office routine, while document themes are even more certain (they display up in individual Word documents or Excel spreadsheets).


In enhancement, you can include a pattern to your Office routine, by transforming the Office Background.

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