How do you unshare a document on google drive

I was an editor of a exclusive Google Docs spreadsheet, and the existing owner of the spreadsheet is one more perkid. I cannot remember if I can relocate the spreadsheet to the recycle bin, but I can edit the pergoals and I rerelocated myself... After doing that, I can"t move it to the recycle bin, nor unsubscribe from that record.

The papers are stuck in my folders. Unfortunately, I likewise have actually some web-public records. Is there any kind of way to unsubscribe myself from those records completely?



If you click the checkbox alongside an object you carry out not own and also hit the delete button, it will certainly tell you that it cannot destroy the document yet will certainly ask if you want to rerelocate it from view. If you very own the record, it will certainly offer you the alternative of trashing it for everyone or picking a brand-new owner.

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To anser your question, if you desire to rerelocate it from you being able to watch it:

ideal click the record.choose share from the dropdown list (it will certainly display screen everyone that has actually accessibility to the document).click the x by your name (this will rerelocate you from the mutual group).

I had the same trouble going via the interconfront, but I was able to "unshare" papers by going via Google Drive and also picking Rerelocate.


Upday for 2019 and what if you just have see only on the file?

Select the file and also click remove. Having read only you will not delete the file itself yet you will delete it from your watch, your Shared via you folder, and your future searches.

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