How do i stop people from adding me to groups on facebook

One of the dumideal concepts ever on Facebook is that friends have the right to immediately add you to teams. I"m not certain why Facebook thinks that providing friends the power to add you to any kind of group out tright here is a great idea, however the function is tright here and also it is actively used. So, if you ever before wanted to produce a I"m the Greatest team and also invite all your friends to it, then this is your possibility to carry out just that. Your friends will certainly be automatically included to the brand-new group, and it is as much as them to either try and also get out of the team aget or take part in it.

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It is not really clear why they are not sfinishing out invitations instead, which would provide eincredibly friend the choice to either join the new group or ignore the invite to not sign up with the team.

It is supposedly only possible to invite friends right into brand-new Facebook groups. If you visit an old group web page on Facebook you will certainly check out the following paragraph at the top.

Over the following few months, Facebook will be archiving all groups created utilizing the old groups format. When this team is archived, its wall write-ups, photos and also discussion threads will move to the brand-new groups format, however team members will certainly must be re-added.

The brand-new Group web page it web links to supplies little bit indevelopment around the brand-new team idea on Facebook. It is just feasible to instantly include friends to brand-new teams on Facebook. The old concept wregarding sfinish friends invitations if you wanted them to join a group on Facebook.

The new group idea is obviously flawed, because the majority of Facebook customers are not only friends through their closest friends and loved ones, however through many various customers of the social netfunctioning site.

This might open up the door for spam or even malicious attacks in create of phishing web links or software application downlots. It does not necessarily need to go that much, yet being a member of a group that you do not want to be part of may be be factor sufficient to be versus the brand-new team concept.

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How have the right to you speak people from including you to Facebook Groups automatically? The brief answer is, you cannot. The just choice you have is to leave the team and contact the frifinish to let them understand that you carry out not want to be part of the group. If you obtain re-added, your only alternative is to leave aget and also / or rerelocate the friend that has added you from the friend list.

Here is how you leave teams. Click on Groups on your Facebook profile page. The teams attach is located close to the top ideal edge of the page.


Tbelow you check out a list of all teams that you are a member of. To leave a group, float your computer mouse cursor over the team. A blue x is presented beside the group. Click on the x to leave the group.


You will gain a remove team membership confirmation prompt. Select Rerelocate if you are sure and desire to leave the selected group on Facebook.


Have you been added by friends to teams automatically? How have actually you taken on this?

Update: Some customers think that this write-up is misleading, as it is not answering the question they came below for. Here are numerous choices that individuals in the comments have pointed out:

You cannot be re-included to teams if you leave them, so this could assist. Update: Facebook screens a examine box nowadays that you must inspect to protect against being included to the group aget. Check the "prevent other members from adding you earlier to this Group" box before you hit the leave team switch.


You deserve to develop or subscribe to many bogus / empty groups to reach the team limit. Once you do you cannot be included anymore to new groups.And finally: Communicate through those friends that include you to group ans see if you have the right to gain them to sheight including you to groups. If you cannot, you must take into consideration unfrifinishing then on Facebook as they cannot add you to groups if they are no longer your friend.

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Tbelow you have it. Three perfectly fine answers for the problem at hand also. It would certainly obviously be much better if Facebook would provide individuals an alternative to accept or decline group invites, however considering that that is not an alternative best currently, your only bets are the options listed above.