How do i change my media sync options

Run out of storage on iPhone and then unable to update to iOS 13 or make a backup? Don’t obtain frustrated! Here comes the handy overview to show you just how to adjust media sync alternatives on iPhone and totally free up iPhone space.

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Joy Taylor Last Updated: Mar. 17, 2021

Q: When trying to backup my iPhone 6s utilizing iTunes I get this message: “Updating to iOS 11.2.6 needs at leastern 930 MB of cost-free space on your iPhone. Please change your media sync choices to make even more storage obtainable.” That is as far as I obtain. What does that mean and exactly how carry out I carry out it?

— A User from Apple Community

With the coming iOS 13, while expecting the new features on iOS 13, there could likewise come some troubles. Similar to the trouble stated in the question from an iPhone user that as soon as you trying to make a backup before updating to the brand-new iOS 13, you receive an alert that reminds you to change media sync options to make even more storage available for update. And then your backup ends.

When encountering this situation, you can be puzzled and also frustrated about what actually happens and also what have to you perform with it. Thus, this write-up can help you out as a handy guide to present you just how to change iPhone media sync options to make more storage obtainable for update or backup.

Why You Need to Change Media Sync Options

The message “change your media sync alternatives to make more storage available” would display up when your iPhone is brief of storage for updating iOS or making a backup on iTunes. “Change iPhone media sync option” describes transforming the alternatives of data on your iPhone to be synced via iTunes.

One point you must understand is that, for better intake of iPhone, you need to make certain that it always has a minimum of at least 10% of your iPhone total storage. Then what have the right to you do to free up space on your iPhone and how to adjust media sync alternatives to make even more storage easily accessible on iPhone? You have the right to follow the below techniques to give it a try.

How to Change iPhone Media Sync Options to Make More Storage Available

Plug your iPhone right into your computer system.Launch iTunes (it must be the latest version) on the computer.Click on the Device icon.Then click the content kind you want to soptimal syncing under Setups.Check off the box to turn off syncing for this content form.Click Apply to conserve your sync settings.

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How to Change Media Sync Options on iPhone

Then the information of the category you turned off would certainly be removed from your iPhone. And tright here would certainly be even more complimentary storage on your iPhone currently.

If you perform not want to erase the whole records of a specific content form to totally free up area on iPhone, you can give a shot to Method 2 in the following part.

How to Manage Storage on iPhone to Make More Storage Available

Besides the means to adjust iPhone media sync alternatives to make even more storage accessible, there are also some reliable ways to complimentary up room on iPhone.

Method 1. Delete Content Manually via Settings

This strategy will delete the whole app and also its data on your iPhone with no possibility to undo. If you look for for an approach that can aid you selectively and also safely delete records, Method 2 would be a nice choice for you to have a shot.

Open “Settings” on your iPhone.Tap General, then select “iPhone Storage”.Select the app that has actually the content you would certainly prefer to delete.Tap “Delete App”. Then the application and its associated information will all be deleted from your iPhone.

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How to Free Up Void on iPhone by Deleting Content Manually

Method 2. Manage Storage on iPhone using AnyTrans

To selectively delete your iOS data on your iPhone instead of cleaning all your records of a particular content form or application, you need to look for aid from some reliable and also powerful iOS data manager. And AnyTrans should be the ones to aid you out. It is a experienced iOS data manager, which deserve to aid you totally free up area on iPhone and control storage on iPhone ssuggest and also orderly through these primary features:

AnyTrans – Manage iPhone StoragePreview and also delete iPhone papers ssuggest and also quickly.All your information on iPhone will certainly be kept safe through no leak or loss.Assistance you ptestimonial and also control documents in your iCloud or iTunes backup.