Home depot website access denied

Apparently, "NO YUO".Access denied to the Computers in my home, no issue what internet browser. Guess they don"t desire no stinkin" foreigners lookin" at their stuff.

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But the US enables Soviet Canuckistan to look at their site! What an odd point to block overseas searches!

This is likely Home Depot"s method of reacting to being hacked. It"s how they roll. Browse their competition; they"re the ones paying me these days.


The only link to the totality agency I might discover that would certainly open up was Investor Relations. I messaged them there. I"ll let you know what they say, if I gain a reply.

That"s odd, working fine for me from Ireland. Not utilizing a vpn or anypoint and also simply my ISP"s (Vodafone) dns servers.

I obtain this:Access DeniedYou do not have permission to accessibility "http://www.homedepot.com/" on this server.Reference #18.87fb1402.1458038903.20af0f1

Good company arrangement though. Who desires customers to see the stuff you market and also perhaps even buy something!

Good business plan though. Who wants customers to check out the stuff you sell and probably also buy something!
Well if your supply chain/financial system isn"t setas much as handle deliveries to particular countries (customs fees, taxes, and so on.) it could simply be much easier to block accessibility to that country, rather than have human being send nasty emails about just how they gained all the method through the ordering procedure, just to be told at check-out that they can not ship to that country.My personal anecdote via homedepot.com is that it"s the only way I have the right to discover points in their stores. I wish even more stores had actually the "this is the product I want, here"s exactly where you find it in this particular store". I likewise wish that Home Depot had even more staff, so that I didn"t need to break out my phone to usage that attribute simply to discover something.

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My suffer via homedepot.ca is that you cannot discover shit on the website, but if you go right into the keep WAZZZAH that item is ideal on the shelf!

Personally I"ve always uncovered HD to be a shit version of Lowes, which are generally nicer, have even more product selections, and their website/phone app is super awesome.

Personally I"ve always discovered HD to be a shit version of Lowes, which are mostly nicer, have even more product selections, and also their website/phone app is super awesome.

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The Depot was a startup which made a decision a certain volume/turnover-based business version. It makes them totally in charge of the contractor industry this day. Lowes was already a mature company (dating to the 1940"s) when the Depot showed up, and also preserved their conventional customer outlook while transitioning into the bog-box design. In some ways Lowes is still discovering exactly how to be a large box, but heaven aid the Depot if Lowes decides to capture the contractor sector in a serious means. Their structures have major logistical advantages, not having actually been designed for absolute just-in-time supply, and might likely add the added inventory compelled to capture the builders while surrendering namong the consumer-oriented benefits (choose massive appliance stocks) that Home Depot has actually no hope of duplicating via their all-sales-floor plans. If Lowes chose to get aggressive and execute what it took, they can drive the Depot into a second function in the sector in a decade. I"ve the impression that they just do not desire the (admitted) cost of a war. It would certainly be painful for stakeholders in the short term, and nobody in retailing thinks irreversible any type of even more.