Hearts of iron 4 failed to create a graphics device

Win7(64), nvdia 960. All of a sudden 90% of my games quit functioning. My earliest game (GOC 1998) works making use of dxwnd. My newest game (For Honor-virtual 2017) still functions, however Total War, Tropico4 and Americas Army doesnt detect my graphics card anyeven more. Ive remounted drivers,games,contacted MSFT and Nvidia assistance yet save obtaining graphics errors. I think a recent MSFt upday fugged somepoint.Has anyone else had actually this error?Tried to upday my BIOS action by step but gain the "bad command" error. That"s one more topic i may begin.

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Use DDU http://www.guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-downfill.html

Install latest Nvidia drivers

Make sure you have actually latest chipcollection motorists for your motherboard mounted.

If all else falls short, open up cmd as admin and also run sfc /scannow


Fixed it by doing what I was trying to protect against, reinstalled the whole OS.

It appeared to be corrupt or missing home windows chauffeurs, possibly msft vc 2008 x64,x86 version(9.0.30729.6161) and msft vc 2010 x64,x86 version(10.0.40219) along with a ton of various other vehicle drivers in the time of reinstall. It took around 3+ hrs.

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