Have to reinstall graphics drivers every reboot

Every time once you begin your PC to play computer system games, your computer prompts you to install NVIDIA graphics card driver, if not, it will certainly usage Intel driver on Windows 10, instead. Why are you asked for to install the NVIDIA driver every time you restart your PC?

You can manage to attempt the methods below to assist you deal with this graphics card problem for Windows 10.

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1: Uninstall NVIDIA Driver

2: Update NVIDIA Driver

3: Run Hardware and Device Troubleshooter

Systems 1: Uninstall NVIDIA Driver

Since you are argued to install NVIDIA driver once you start your COMPUTER, currently you can also uninstall your NVIDIA graphics driver and reinstall the latest NVIDIA driver to check if it is a requirement for you to install NVIDIA driver as long as you rebegin your COMPUTER on Windows 10.

At the exceptionally beginning, uninstall the previous NVIDIA driver in Device Manager.

1. Open Device Manager.

2. In gadget manager, expand also Display Adapter and also then appropriate click NVIDIA graphics driver to Uninstall device Here it is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti.


3. Check package of Delete the driver software program for this device. And then click Uninstall to confirm this action.


4. Goes to Control Panel > Program and also Features to uninstall the NVIDIA motorists one by one.

5. Rebegin your COMPUTER.

Then once you log in to the COMPUTER again, Windows 10 would search instantly for the uninstall NVIDIA driver. But it is widespread that Windows 10 stops working to discover out the compatible or latest Graphics card driver for you. In this instance, check out on to learn to reinstall or update the the majority of up-to-date NVIDIA drivers for Windows 10.

Solution 2: Update NVIDIA Driver

Updating the NVIDIA driver is important. The latest version of NVIDIA driver will gain the perfect suffer when playing game.

You can go to the NVIDIA main website to downpack the NVIDIA driver and also install it action by step. It will certainly take some time. If you want to save time, you can try to upday it instantly.

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Driver Booster, an instantly drivers downpack and update tool, can assist individuals to acquire the latest graphic driver, audio driver, USB driver, computer mouse driver and so on with one click. And as the best driver scanner, it have the right to detected the many outdated and lacking vehicle drivers for your computer system.

1. Download, install and also run Driver Booster on Windows 10.

2. Hit Scan switch to permit Driver Booster to search for your computer via the outdated or incompatible or corrupted motorists for Windows 10.


3. Click Update. Find the NVIDIA tool, and then click Upate to downpack and update it instantly.


Now with the up-to-date NVIDIA chauffeurs via the assist of Driver Booster, you are able to settle this issue when you reboot your PC you have to install an NVIDIA graphics card driver for Windows 10.

Equipment 3: Run Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter

Windows 10 has actually all set an embedded-in tool for you to fix miscellaneous mechanism errors. Here if you would prefer to make the problem that you are required to install NVIDIA graphics driver eexceptionally time you log on to disappear from Windows 10, it is also advised to take advantage of this tool.

1. Click Start button and type in Troubleshoot in the search box.

2. Under Troubleshoot, scroll dvery own to find out Hardware and also Devices to Run the troubleshooter.


3. Windows 10 is Detecting problems.

After the detecting, Windows 10 may rebegin your PC to use the solve. It is feasible that there is no require for you to install NVIDIA chauffeurs as lengthy as you restart your PC.

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Under this circumstance, if you have set up the latest NVIDIA graphics card driver and also have also troubleswarm your COMPUTER, you will not be reminder next time as soon as you are rebooting the computer system on Windows 10. And as you might recognize that tright here are significant problems as soon as you are just rebooting Windows 10, such as power faitempt state.