Hard drive showing as unknown device

Good evening folks. My tough drive (Samsung HD502ij) took a shit on me after I was very stupid and also plugged it in while my PC was powered on, it instantly remained silent and would no much longer boot or also spin up.

Quick forward to this morning, I took a donor PCB from an specifically the same drive and also swapped the BIOS chip to the new board, then attached it earlier to the HDD.

However before, Windows traveler doesn't acunderstanding the drive,

Device Manager shows Unknown Device,Computer Management mirrors Disk 1 Not Initialized,Device properties reflects Device not migrated

Here is what happens in DISKPART:List diskDisk 0 Online 894 GBDisk 1 Online 16 GB

It lists my primary (OS) drive and a flash drive, but skips over the recoextremely drive. I can carry out SELECT DISK 1 and also it will say that Disk 1 is currently schosen, so it understands that something is there, but as soon as I list volumes:List volVolume 0 System Rese Healthy SystemVolume 1 C Windows Healthy BootVolume 3 D USB Healthy

Any suggestions? Here are some screenshots

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