Hard drive runs constantly windows 7

100% Disk Usage. If these words expect anypoint to you then they’ll send an unpleasant shudder of acknowledgment up your spine, reminding you of the untold hrs you spent staring at your Windows Task Manager, wondering what specifically is causing this problem that’s grinding your COMPUTER to a halt also though you’re not running any programs and you’ve only simply switched it on.

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It’s a problem that’s impacted customers throughout Windows 7, 8, and also 10, and typically stems from one of a number of background processes, all of which we’ve tried to cover below.

Run CheckDisk

The first port of call is to look for corruptions and errors on your hard drive and also deal with them. The finest means to carry out this is by trying the trusty “chkdsk” tool constructed right into Windows.

1. Click Start, then type cmd, right-click Command also Prompt as soon as it shows up in the search outcomes, click “Run as administrator” and also hit Enter.

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2. In the Command Prompt, form chkdsk /f" /r C: to check for and also instantly resolve errors on your tough drive. (Relocation the “C” through whatever letter you’ve assigned your main Windows difficult drive.)

3. You may acquire a message saying the difficult drive is in usage and asking if you want to run CheckDisk when the mechanism restarts. Press “Y” and reboot your COMPUTER.

4. CheckDisk will run when you reboot your PC. This process might take a while, so be patient. Later on, your tough drive need to be earlier in good working order, and your disk consumption should be earlier to normal (roughly 1-10%).

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