Hard drive not showing up in boot priority

I had actually SSD included to my lappeak rig, alongside an existing HDD via Windows 7. There is Windows 10 set up on SSD and also it boots immediately as soon as I power laptop on. I acquire no alternative to boot Windows 7, furthereven more I can"t watch HDD in BIOS Boot Priority List.

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It does show up elsewhere in BIOS and I deserve to see all papers on HDD from Windows 10.How carry out I obtain BIOS to acknowledge my HDD as bootable again?

After spending significant time tinkering, I uncovered my BIOS does in fact support UEFI using enabling/disabling CSM mode. It provides no distinction. BIOS/UEFI sees my HDD however not as a bootable device.

I suspect my hardware supports just one bootable SATA link, and of course SSD was hooked to that one. Luckily, I still had bootable USB stick for Windows 7, so I booted from it and provided the Repair function. It discovered Windows 7 on my HDD and included it to boot records on the SSD (below I don"t know the absolutely correct terminology). Bottom line is SSD is currently main boot gadget and it "knows" around my Windows 7 installation on HDD.

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Hope this helps anyone that would certainly end up in a comparable case.

Maybe we should disable the setting prefer "Quick Boot" or "Secure boot" or various other comparable name in BIOS, the BIOS settings are various relying on the model of the machine, we can search it online if we can find the establishing. Then we might see heritage boot (it is also referred to as "MBR boot") and UEFI boot.

We go to check out if HDD will certainly show up in BIOS Boot Priority List, if so, we deserve to set SSD or HDD as a priority begin item according to our necessity.

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