Gta v controller not working pc

I have GTA V for COMPUTER, bought via Steam. I play with an Xbox 360 controller. When I"m playing the game, if at any point I or the game opens up a Steam overlay (be it the message input or the consistent overlay), as soon as I go back to the game NONE of my inputs job-related anyeven more. Not the controller, not my keyboard. I have the right to open task manager and also cshed the game however the game simply stops accepting input. Has anyone else skilled this or know of a way to fix/proccasion it?



Happens the exact same to me however i uncovered the solution: When you are at the Steam overlay simply go ago to the initially food selection, and don"t leave any kind of various other screen open. Then it will certainly work-related aacquire.

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Seems to be some unsovled bugs through the Steam overlay.

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Hope it helps :)


It might be because of more reasons:

The Steam overlay "keeps" the controls for itself - this can be taken into consideration a bug/glitch (report?). The overlay is the active part - attempt terminating the regime (Ctrl+Alt+Delete --> Task Manager --> Steam regime --> end regime (on Windows)) If it still does not work-related, I do not understand.

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