Green line on vlc player

I am utilizing Ubuntu 14.10 64little and the latest variation of VLC media player, as soon as I play a video (MP4, MKV AVI and so on... it doesn"t matter) at the bottom of the display there is a green line
It isn"t an concern with my OS, YouTube, and also the default media player job-related fine. Has anyone else had actually this issue? and also if so is tright here a solve or is it just a software program bug?


Open vlc and also then go to choices > video > select in the output "X11 video output" (you deserve to mess via this to uncover the one that works finest for you).

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That"s it :P



Choosing OpenGL GLX Video output (XKB) need to settle this trouble.


At the very same time, that adjust need to also enhance appearance of subtitles.

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A great idea could be also:

Tools menu -> Precommendations -> Video -> Uncheck "Accelerated Video Output (Overlay") (as declared below.)


Open VLCGo to Tools menu -> Preferences -> Video -> Uninspect "Use hardware YUV-> RGB Conversons" Restart VLC



Try the adhering to alternatives -

Tools food selection –> Precommendations –> Video –> Choose OpenGL under Output choices –> Rebegin VLC.

Tools menu -> Preferrals -> Video -> Uninspect "Accelerated Video Output (Overlay") -> Rebegin VLC.

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To remove green line at the bottom of VLC player!!

Minimize VLC and click on the extended settings tab.Click on the video impacts tabThen click the crop tabThen adjust the bottom establishing to 1All done green line is gone:)

To get rid of green line at the bottom of VLC player , minimize VLC and also click the extfinished settings tab. Click on the video effects tab Then click the chop tab Then readjust the bottom establishing to 1 All done green line is gone:)"

And to remove the top green line simply change the optimal setting to 2.

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