Gopro hero 4 wont connect to app

Previous threads talk about difficulties with the 9.0 beta however there's nopoint current that I can find. Phone reflects that it's connected via Bluetooth but the application sends out the "oops, tright here was a problem" message and also says to attach by means of the phone Bluetooth... But the phone states it IS linked. Has anyone discovered a solution?


I could have the ability to assist clarify a few things below. Your HERO4 uses Bluetooth & WiFi. Essentially the electronic camera will certainly switch over to a Bluetooth connection to aid conserve battery life after ~5-20 minutes inactivity. You mentioned:

Phone mirrors that it's associated through Bluetooth

Normally this would certainly show that Wi-Fi has actually turned off and also your cam is in a Bluetooth state. The cam is designed to rotate Wi-Fi back on if you've re-opened the app. After receiving the error message, "oops, tright here was a problem", you have to be triggered to attach to your camera's Wi-Fi netoccupational. Are you able to efficiently connect? After connecting to Wi-Fi, perform you still get this error message in the app?

I would certainly also examine your Bluetooth gadgets. If you've paired the camera to the app multiple times, it's possible the Bluetooth ID has actually been replicated. Do you view multiple instances of your GoPro in your Bluetooth devices?

If you're still having actually trouble connecting, follow these instructions:

Reset the Wi-Fi:

Press and host the INFO/WI-FI switch for 8-10 seconds; you will be triggered via "Reset Wi-Fi." The switch have the right to currently be released.

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Press the INFO/WI-FI switch as soon as to highlight YES.

Press the SHUTTER button when to pick YES; the video camera will prompt you that the recollection has arisen, then turn off.

Follow the pairing instructions below, to put up a brand-new name and also password during the GoPro App pairing procedure.

Forget the Bluetooth Device

Open the Setups application on your iOS device and navigate to the Bluetooth settings.

Select the indevelopment icon next to your GoPro and choose "Forget this device". If by opportunity your GoPro is listed multiple times, make sure to delete all gadgets with the same name.

Next, you'll need to remove the video camera from the menu inside the GoPro App. Open the GoPro App and select "Connect Your Camera". From the major electronic camera screen, pick "Edit" to delete the tool.

Select the "-" to delete the cam, then choose the "Delete" switch to remove the camera.

Now that you've deleted the tool from the app and also your iPhone's settings, you will certainly need to pair your GoPro as a brand-new tool.

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Pair as New Device:

Open the application, then tap Connect Your Camera.

Tap Add New Device, then tap HERO4 Session.

Tap Yes.

On HERO4 Session, complete these steps:

Press the Info/Wireless button to open up the wiremuch less menu.

Press the Info/Wiremuch less switch again to cycle to APP, then press the Shutter/Select switch to pick it.

On your smartphone/tablet, complete these steps:

Tap Continue.

Go into the PIN shown on your electronic camera condition display, then tap Pair.

Create a brand-new video camera name and also password, then tap Continue.

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Go to Setups on your gadget, choose the video camera from the list of Wi-Fi choices, then return to the GoPro App. Your cam currently appears through a blue dot beside it, meaning that it is linked to the app.