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How to delete all rows containing certain text within a column in Google sheets?

Supposing, you have a variety of information in a google sheet, now, you would certainly like to delete the rows based on cell values in a column. For example, I want to delete all rows which contain the message “Complete” in Colum C. This short article, I will certainly talk around just how to fix it in Google sheets.

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Delete all rows containing certain message within a column with script code

Delete all rows containing specific message within a column via script code

To remove all rows which encompass the specific message in a column, the following script code deserve to perform you a favor, please carry out as this:

1. Click Tools > Script editor, check out screenshot:


2. In the new opened up code window, copy and paste the following code right into the blank code window, check out screenshot:

feature deleteRows() var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet(); var s = ss.getSheetByName("delete containing"); var r = s.getRange("C:C"); var v = r.getValues(); for(var i=v.length-1;i>=0;i--) if(v<0,i>=="Complete") s.deleteRow(i+1);;


Note: In the above code, “delete containing” is the sheet name containing the information you want to delete, “C:C” is the column via specific message you desire to delete from, “Complete” is the particular message that you desire to delete rows based on, please change them to your require.

3. Then conserve this code, and also then click Run switch in the code window to execute this manuscript code, watch screenshot:


4. And all rows which containing the specific text “Complete” have been deleted at once, view screenshot:


Delete all rows containing particular message in Excel worksheet:

If you desire to remove all rows which contain a details value in a column, the Kutools for Excel"s Select Specific Cells feature deserve to assist you to select all rows matched the criteria, and also then you just must delete the rows at once.

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