Google drive sync high cpu usage

While reverting back to among the affected users post, Google employee Rishi agreed that the client consumes high CPU as a result of big number of documents. He also stated that the company has actually plans to make the client more effective.

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You are correct. We could sluggish down the application, but then the checking would take longer with net CPU made use of being the exact same (simply amortized over time). We are looking into making this more reliable and also its on our roadmap



Upday 5 (October 20):

Google is asking the affected users to upgrade to Back-up and Sync’s latest variation (3.37).


Update 4 (October 19):

Google is asking the influenced customers to share their CPU profiles and sync_log.log at the email resolve which can be viewed in th complying with screenshot:


Note: Don’t forget to replace at through

Upday 3 (October 10):

Google accepts that the client is indeed CPU hungary.

Update 2 (October 04):

The company is proactively functioning on resolving the extreme CPU usage problem confronted by Backup and Sync individuals.The app’s version 3.37 may be the pill that customers are looking for. Here’s what Google shelp lately

We are repetitively making enhancements to the application. Tright here might be even more than one cause for CPU spiking. We have actually fixed some of them which will be in the following version (3.37) and also will continue to monitor any type of brand-new reports of CPU usage as well


Update 1:

Backup and also Sync users on Windows are likewise complaining about the very same trouble.

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Original story below:

CPU consumption/intake indicates the present load on it or exactly how excessively it is being offered by the mechanism. Insanely high CPU intake (100% or beyond) deserve to be alarming, as it doesn’t leave room for running various other applications. And that’s precisely what some Backup and Sync users on Mac are complaining about.

The issue has been lengthy recognized, as it was there in the old Google Drive desktop computer application as well (which has now been deprecated by Google). Sadly, nopoint adjusted despite the advent of Backup and Sync, for the reason that poor Mac customers continue to be baffled by how a single application’s eating up insanely high amount of CPU.

The only twist in the story is that Google has argued the influenced users to share the attach to their ‘cpu_profiles’ brochure, in order to investigate the issue in detail. So, if you are among those grumbling around the client application’s too much CPU intake, here’s what you need to execute to generate the asked for link:

Click on the cloud food selection icon.Hold the Change vital and click the 3 dots in the top right hand also side of the Back-up and also Sync food selection.Select the menu item titled “Enable diagnostic mode”A new window will pop upCheck the “Enable CPU Profiling” checkbox and also wait until either CPU usage has went back to normal or a few minutes (~5) have passed, then uncheck the checkboxClick “Open the config directory” Compress the “cpu_profiles” magazine and also share a link to it after uploading it to Google Drive.

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Once you have actually the attach, post it on this threview on the official Drive forum, wbelow the problem in question is being entertained/disputed.