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Google Docs is a powerful word handling routine that does many unique things beyond a conventional regimen such as Microsoft Word. (See here for some of my favorite functions of Google Docs.)And also though Docs is constantly being upgraded, there are some features that it is still missing. For example Docs does not assistance page borders or drop caps.One of the many typically mentioned missing functions is the capability to add text boxes. In Microsoft Word you have the right to conveniently insert a message box, type in it, and relocate it about to any type of spot in the document.In Google Docs, but, when you click the “Insert” menu there is not an choice for a text box. The alternative does exist in the “Insert” food selection of Google Slides and Google Drawings, so hopetotally we will certainly inevitably obtain an upday to Google Docs that gives even more features for including object prefer text boxes. In the meantime there is a workapproximately that does a pretty great task.See listed below for a video clip reflecting exactly how to carry out this, and review the rest of the short article for composed directions.Demonstration Video

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DirectionsEven though you can’t add a message box straight through the “Insert” menu, you have the right to insert a Google Drawing and instraight include a message box via that.First click the “Insert
” food selection and then choose “Drawing”This will certainly open up a pop-up home window through a Google DrawingNow click the “Text box” button in the food selection barThe cursor will certainly currently adjust to crosshairs which you deserve to use to click and drag out the text boxOnce the box has actually been created you can type your text insideAs essential you can change the font face, size, color, and other formatting. You may should click the “More” button on the toolbar to view these optionsIf you need to resize the text box sindicate click and also drag any of the blue square handles on the edges or cornersIf you want a solid line roughly you text box you deserve to click the “Line color” food selection switch to make it somepoint other than transparentAdditionally you deserve to readjust the “Line weight” and “Line dash”Finally you have the right to click the “Fill color” button if you want to shade the inside of the message boxWhen done, click the “Save & Close” buttonThe message box will now be inserted right into your Google DocYou have the right to relocate package roughly by clicking and dragging inside the boxYou deserve to change just how text wraps about package by clicking the message box and also choosing “In line” or “Wrap text” or “Break text”If you have to edit the content of the message box, you will certainly need to double click on it to re-open Google Drawings to make the changes

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So the trick is to put a Text Box
inside a Google Drawing inside a Google Document. Kind of choose a turducken. We have the right to speak to it a texdrawument.Although this method is not as straightforward and versatile as it would be if the feature was completely implemented in Google Docs, it does offer an choice to insert a floating message box that you deserve to modify in many kind of methods.Article by Eric Curts. Bring me to your college, company, or conference through over 50 PD sessions to select from. Connect via me on Twitter at and also on Google+ at