Gimp how to rotate image

This tool is supplied to revolve the active layer, an option or a path. When you click on the photo or the selection via this tool a Rotation Information dialog is opened up. There, you can collection the rotation axis, noted via a suggest, and the rotation angle. You can carry out the very same by dragging the mouse guideline on the picture or the rotation allude.

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from the image menu bar Tools → Transcreate Tools → Rotate,

by clicking the tool icon:

in the Toolbox,

by using the Shift+R key combicountry.


Generally, tool choices are displayed in a window attached under the Toolbox as shortly as you activate a tool. If they are not, you deserve to accessibility them from the picture food selection bar through Windows → Dockable Windows → Tool Options which opens the alternative window of the selected tool.

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Keep in mind

These options are described in Transcreate devices common choices.

Transform Direction

The Transform Direction sets which method or direction a layer is rotated. The Regular mode will turn the layer as one could intend. If a layer is rotated 10 levels to the ideal, then the layer will certainly be rendered as such. This behaviour is contrary to Corrective rotation.

Corrective Rotation is mainly offered to repair digital imperiods that are not directly. If the photo is 13 levels askew then you require not attempt to revolve by that angle. By making use of Corrective Rotation you have the right to revolve visually and line up the layer with the picture. Since the transdevelopment is reversed, or percreated backwards, the picture will be rotated via sufficient angle to correct the error.


15 Degrees (Ctrl) will certainly constrain the rotation to angles divisible by 15 degrees.

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Here you can collection the rotation angle, from -180° to +180°, i.e. 360°.

Center X/Y

This option enables you to set the place of the rotation center, represented by a cross surrounded by a circle in the picture. A click-and-drag on this allude likewise allows you to relocate this facility also external the photo. Default unit of measurement is pixel, yet you have the right to change it by making use of the drop-dvery own list.