Getting windows ready stuck reddit

My pc has actually been stuck on the “Getting home windows ready” display screen for 2 hrs and I’ve tried turning my pc off so many kind of times. What execute I do?? I left it on last night to download GTA V and also made it auto shutdvery own once done and when I turned it on, it’s been stuck on this because. Please helppppp!!!


To fix it, I just remounted a fresh version of Windows from a USB. Unfortunately all files, apps, and settings were erased (as I expected). I’m now redownloading and install all my beautiful games, and also GTA. I’ll ultimately be able to play it! Thank you for everyone’s suggestions, they have actually actually aided me nevertheless and I currently recognize that I need to drop some habits I have as soon as using my PC. Thank you all. I’m not dead lol

I'd Say home windows has updaten itself given that it tought you're not doing anything on it ... und it was turned off while installing or upgrading the mechanism. I'd recommect to make a home windows 10 Boot usb-stick and boot from it. Don't reinstall windows yet click the "repair" choice on it and also let it execute it's tricks!

Do a clean instevery one of Windows and also then promptly disable Windows Update for a while. Currently, kb4054517 isn't installing for a few world, and also so you end up sitting at "Getting Windows prepared Don't rotate off your computer" until it fails sufficient times to let it pass. Keep that update in mind and Google it eincredibly so often to view if they resolve the issue.

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Try turning it off, then unplug from AC power for 10 seconds. Then plug it ago in and rotate it ago on. It need to end up getting windows ready then.

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Perhaps this might be of interest to you:

I did have actually the same issue and addressed it by manually downloading the upday from the windows upday catalogue and also installing it. However before it did require a brand-new install of home windows considering that I remained in some type of boot loop wright here it would always jump to the gaining windows ready screen. First point after reestablishing it though was installing that upday and also it was smooth cruising from then on.

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