General mail failure excel 2007

Which of the adhering to retains the indevelopment it's storing once the device power is turned off?

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Hi everyone;


One of my individuals is having actually concerns via sending a record from Excel 2007. We had actually concerns through 2013 this morning after i set up, so i uninstalled it as she requested. However before, she no much longer has actually the ability to send records from Excel 2007. Ive been looking at knowledge forums many of the day, and also the majority of if not every one of them indicate running the Office diagnostics. 


Would this work?




I"ve run into a similar worry before and the write-up in the last short article of this thread assisted me out. 


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The tool does not fix many points, but it does periodically work-related. It deserve to run in the background and the user have the right to proceed to work on other points while it is going. It does not take lengthy, choose 10-15 minutes at most. I would certainly offer it a swarm.


What sort of error is the user getting? Maybe the excel file exceeds the size borders that your email server is collection to.


Is your users email box at its limit as much as mailbox area goes? If you log right into the computer system as a different profile, so it is emailing thru a different email account...does it work?

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I"ve run right into a similar issue prior to and also the article in the last write-up of this thread assisted me out. 

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