Gears of war 4 splash screen crash

Gears of War 4 is the latest installment in Microsoft’s iconic franchise. Released back in 2016, the game has garnered a vast fan base almost everywhere the civilization. It’s obtained some cool mech deindications, alongside an entertaining campaign, but, the performance is not constantly as smooth as expected.

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There’s been several complaints around Gears of War 4 crashing and also freezing on Windows 10. Players suffer crashing mid-game, and at times, they also crash on startup. For some folks, the game would certainly sindicate fail to launch.

Now what’s surpclimbing is that the Xbox One variation of the game doesn’t have many these difficulties, however they are widely widespread on Windows 10. In this short article, we look right into different methods to aid you fix this crashing issue on your COMPUTER.

How to Fix Gears of War 4 Crashing and also Freezing Issues

1. Upgrade to the latest Windows version

Make sure you have actually the latest variation of Windows 10 set up on your COMPUTER. Sometimes as soon as Gears of War 4 crashes on startup, it’s because of missing updates. In such a instance, here’s what you have to do:

Press the Windows crucial + I to open the Settings app. Select Update & Security and also as soon as there, head over to the best pane. Click the Check for updays switch.

Windows will now check virtual to check out if any kind of updates are obtainable, and if they are, it will certainly download them in the background. Wait for the updates to complete and then rebegin the computer to take impact.

2. Upday your graphics card drivers

Another widespread factor why you may be enduring difficulties through Gears of War 4 on Windows 10 is likely as a result of your vehicle drivers. Chances are your motorists are out of date which commonly cause the game to freeze suddenly.

The solution is simple: visit your graphics card manufacturer’s website and downfill the latest vehicle drivers for your version. Once done, restart your computer system and also check if things are running smoothly as they have to.

3. Set the game to use a committed graphics card

Gears of War 4 is a demanding game, which indicates you must run it on a device with a committed GPU mounted. If you don’t, the game may gain stuck on the loading screen. Accordingly, for those using both the dedicated and included graphics, it is advised to make certain that the best one is set as a default.

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4. Turn off Async after reverting drivers

Exactly as the title claims. You may want to revert your vehicle drivers, then rotate off Async by navigating to Options > Modern Video > Turn off Async Compute. Try this method and check out if that resolves the difficulty. If not, please proceed to the next solution.

5. Disable Video Game Bar & DVR

Go to Windows 10 Setups. Select Gaming, then click Game bar in the side food selection and toggle “Off ” the choice to “Record game clips, screenshots, and also broadcast using Game bar.”


Next, click Game DVR in the side menu of the same Gaming category and ensure that the “Record in the background while I’m playing a game” option is set to “Off”.


6. Enable Offline Permissions

According to some customers, Gears of War 4 stops working to launch at times because you don’t have Offline Perobjectives permitted in the Microsoft Store. To enable this feature:

Click Start and select the Microsoft Store tile. Hit the three-dot menu symbol in the height ideal corner and select Settings. Scroll dvery own to the Offline Pergoals function and set the slider to “On”.


See if this helps.

7. Reset Microsoft Store cache

Sometimes problems with Microsoft Store deserve to affect the game bring about it to behave actually in an unintended manner. You deserve to resolve that trouble simply by resetting the Microsoft Windows Store cache.

To perform that, push Windows key + R to open the Run dialog. Get in wsrecollection.exe in taskbar’s search box and then push Enter. After doing that, run the game again and also inspect if the difficulty is still tbelow.

8. Reinstall the game

Occasionally, the files that run the game might get corrupted or altered for some reason. In this situation, we suggest that you uninstall and also then fresh install the game from Microsoft Store.

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The process to resolve the Gears of War 4 crashing worry deserve to be a little bit frustrating bereason it’s not constantly as basic to recognize the root cause of the problem. However, we hope that among our options will job-related for you and also you’ll be able to run the game smoothly aacquire.