Gears of war 4 pc not downloading

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Recently Gears of War 4 was on sale for COMPUTER on the Windows save. At a $10 USD price I didn"t think a lot about acquiring it despite not playing any of the series considering that Gears of War 2. It"s a 131 GB downfill from the Windows Store so I had actually to wait for a day to play it. When it finally finiburned installing, I released the game however didn"t get to play it (I was as well busy through AC7), just got to the title display screen and also left it.A few days later I decide to launch it and also play it for the first time. The title display comes in and also invites me to play "A" to continue. I do so. The game starts loading and also then crashes to desktop. I haven"t dealt with CTD"s for a while, can not even remember what was the last game that failed choose that.I try a few more times via the same outcome and start the troubleshooting process. While relooking it I uncover that the port was not exceptionally well made and also many kind of human being have actually had worries. I run via all the troubleshooting I can think of and decide to uninstall the game and re downpack it. This time, the download is failing for some factor so I begin troubleshooting that. It appears that game downloading is attached to the Windows Upday procedure, not sure exactly how connected they are however basically if you can not update Windows you can not downpack anypoint from the keep. The downpack reflects an error message which I troubleshooted too and also realized that Windows upday wasn"t functioning considering that January 29th (Microsoft forums proved that civilization approximately the human being were enduring the update issues).Finally the Windows update is reresolved by transforming the DNS entries of my connection to Google"s. The game is downloading aget. By the method, I didn"t have actually any type of updates pfinishing so that wasn"t preventing me from running or downloading the game. I guess it was a connectivity problem through the Windows servers.Now tright here is no guarantee this will certainly work and also that the game will certainly occupational after re-downloading.I wanted to article this so if you feel tempted to get this game at an extremely low price (like myself) you can select to understanding the port is pretty poor. I faicaused perform the proper study before and obtained melted. I"m 35 and also have actually limited gaming time. It"s annoying and frustrating to spfinish also a portion of that time troubleshooting to launch a game. It"s not around the framerate nor resolution or whatever before, the game ssuggest does not work. I execute IT for a living so I"m not cluemuch less, I can just imagine exactly how the experience would certainly be with someone not as acquainted with computer systems.I think it"s my initially suffer with a Windows Store based game and it can be the last. Assuming that I will certainly have the ability to play, any kind of tips for a brand-new Gears of War 4 player?