Gears of war 4 pc crashing on startup

I"ve purchased this game around 3 or so weeks back. It automatically worked once I began it and also was running exceptionally well. But for the last week or 2 it would not start. I get the Gears of War splash display screen on startup and a few secs later it will certainly simply go back to the desktop. I"ve tried whatever pointed out on the internet, in the community and other gaming sites without any kind of luck.

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I"m really disappointed that I bought this game and it will not work. I"d favor to obtain it working as shortly as possible. My computer consist of the complying with hardware:

Amd Ryzen 2700X

2 x 8GB - G.Skill DDR4 3200

Asus Crosshair VII Hero

Zotac GTX 1080 ti

Corsair HX 1200i PSU

I checked the occasion viewer and also gained the following errors and also warnings:


Jordan Langford
Replied on August 19, 2018
Stephan, not a difficulty, the factor why i say this is at times installation files deserve to become corrupt and also the ideal way to resolve is to sindicate uninstall and also reinstall the application.Have you tried the Windows store reset? this should clear the cache yet keep the installations intact.You have the right to find step by step instructions here;

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Replied on September 2, 2018
In reply to Jordan Langford's short article on August 19, 2018

Hi Jordan

Sorry been so prepopulated at occupational. I tried your suggestions but still a no go. Same splash display for Gears then ago to desktop computer. I"m really upset about this. When you buy software program or a game it need to job-related but this is really becoming an irritation currently.

I"ve tried the keep reset as well as what they indicate in the link you posted however still a no go.

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Replied on September 2, 2018
In reply to StephanTheunissen's post on September 2, 2018

I don"t use the MS Store and also do not recognize just how to fix every one of it"s failing, yet the Windows Store is prominent in the errors.

If reestablishing or repairing didn"t help, uninstalling and also reinstalling (in accordance with the linked method) the Store client may.

Is the difficulty only via the one game ?

- Tbelow is likewise a opportunity your Anti-Virus, or an additional software program you have actually running in the background is blocking the game

from loading beyond the splash displays.

- The splash screens don"t really usage the gpu, and also crashing once loading deserve to show either the driver or gpu have actually an issue

( gpu if even more than one game is affected).

Have you tried re-seating your card ? Do you have another Nvidia gpu you can attempt (If for nothing else AMD APU and also Intel HD

graphics are good for testing) ?

- If the difficulty began after a Windows variation upday, installing a more recent BIOS, if there is one, deserve to aid.

Also download any type of motherboard chauffeurs that may be newer than what you have actually installed.

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- When you updated the Nvidia vehicle drivers did you download them from Nvidia and install them manually,

and carry out you usage DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) in the procedure ?

"When you buy software or a game it have to work"

And they perform, however points go wrong... endlessly. MS seem to be adding to the troubles though. It appears alot of world have problems

caused by the Stores client software program. One of the even more common issues is games acquiring stuck in a download loop, through the fix

being to delete all of the currently downloaded documents and also start over aobtain... Fun.