Galaxy s5 battery with yellow triangle

Find Out Effective Methods To Fix Dead Android And Yellow Triangle With Exclamation Point!

Are you unable to usage your Android phone as your tool is showing dead Android and yellow triangle through an exclamation mark on it?

Haven’t gain this form of issue on your phone and don’t recognize what to do to settle this issue?

Don’t Panic! Here we are for you, to aid you to get rid out of this error. Read this guide and learn how to solve dead Android and also yellow triangle exclamation mark.

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Now, let us look at actual user practical scenarios!

Practical Scenario 1: Samsung Galaxy S6 Dead and Stuck At Yellow Exclamation Mark

HELP. Dead Android and Yellow Triangle Exclamation Mark?

Purchased a Galaxy S6 from craigslist. I understand BIG MISTAKE. Everything was working great, then I noticed the battery was draining really quick. I tried update the software program and I obtain a dead android through yellow triangle. Everything works fine, battery last for around 6 hrs through heavy use. What to do?

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Practical Scenario 2: A User Phone Shows Yellow Exclamation Mark/Dead Android When Booted Device Into Recovery

Yellow exclamation mark/ dead Android as soon as I boot into recovery


I prefer to periodically wipe cache. When I boot into recoincredibly, first I gain “installing system updates” and also then quickly thereafter I gain a yellow exclamation note and the Android male looks prefer he’s dead.

Anybody understand what’s going on or how I can resolve this? Thanks.

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Like the over two handy scenarios, many kind of individuals are additionally going through this difficulty. So, don’t worry you are not the just one who is facing this issue.

Well, currently let us learn the various techniques to fix dead Android and a yellow triangle through an exclamation mark.

So, let’s start…

Below questioned all the approaches will certainly be applicable for all Android models such as Samsung, Motorola, OnePlus, Google Pixel, Realme, Oppo, Xiaomi, Vivo, LG, Sony, Lenovo, HTC, ZTE, Asus, and so on.

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Method 1: Charge Your Android Device

You deserve to resolve yellow triangle with exclamation suggest battery by charging your smartphone for at least 30 minutes through a real charger. Check that the charger is not damaged and the charging cable is put in the charging port secucount.

If the charging cable is damaged then change it and then see yellow triangle with exclamation point Android while charging is solved or not.

Method 2: Rerelocate The Battery

If you have a removable battery on your Android phone then rerelocate the battery from your device and then reinsert it.

If your phone does not have actually a removable battery then try to switch OFF your phone with the aid of Power button and also after few minutes switch it ON.

Now, inspect the yellow triangle through exclamation allude on phone is resolved or not.

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Method 3: Go into Into Safe Mode

Another method to remove the exclamation mark on your phone is to boot your device right into safe mode.

So, follow the below steps to boot your Android phone or tablet right into safe mode to fix dead Android yellow triangle.

Step 1: Press and also host both Power & Volume Down keys concurrently.

Step 2: When your gadget display boot symbol then release the Power crucial however proceed pressing the Volume Down crucial.

Step 3: Once the OS finishes the loading procedure, leave the Volume Down key.

Tip 4: Now, your tool will certainly boot into Safe Setting and also it will disable all the set up apps on your gadget.

Note: You can’t use your mounted application yet you can uninstall the application which is producing the problem (more than likely the newly installed app). To leave from Safe Mode you need to restart your device.

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Method 4: Clear Cache From Android Device In Recovery Mode

You can additionally resolve a dead Android through a blue triangle concern by wiping the cache partition in Recovery Mode.

Here, follow the measures to clear the cache partition of your gadget in recovery mode.

Tip 1: Press and also host both Power and Volume Dvery own tricks.

Tip 2: Once you feel a vibration on your phone then your phone will certainly boot into Recoextremely Setting.

Step 3: Now, highlight “wipe cache partition” alternative via the assist of Volume key.

Tip 4: Then press Power crucial to pick it.

When your device completed the process then you will automatically reboot.

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Method 5: Percreate Factory Reset

Factory recollection fixes many type of problems, might this have the right to also solve Yellow triangle light via exclamation point. But remember that recollection process will wipe all your tool data consisting of the set up application.

Below, follow the actions to factory reset your gadget to settle yellow exclamation mark Android startup.

Tip 1: Press and also organize both Power + Volume Down tricks.

Step 2: When your tool vibprices then your gadget will certainly enter right into Recovery Mode.

Tip 3: Now, highlight “Factory Reset” option by utilizing Volume key.

Step 4: Then hit on that option by making use of Power button.

Note: If you have actually not backed up your vital data then you can use Android Documents Recovery software application to recover the deleted data from your Android tool via or without backup.

Method 6: Contact Your Device Service Center

The last strategy to resolve dead Android with yellow triangle exclamation mark is to contacts your phone’s service facility. You have the right to speak to them and also tell them about the yellow triangle problem. Or you can search your specific gadget center digital and also visit it. They will certainly resolve yellow exclamation mark Android startup.

And if your smartphone is still in the warranty period then readjust it.

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Wrap Up

After going through all the solutions, I hope you were able to resolve dead Android and also yellow triangle via exclamation mark. Follow the techniques one-by-one and also inspect if your trouble is addressed or not.