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Rollago Rx is described as "RollBack Rx client is a system reclaim energy that enables home individuals and IT experts to quickly restore a PC to a time prior to particular occasions occurred" and also is a renowned application in the OS & Utilities category. There are even more than 25 alternatives to Rollago Rx for a selection of platforms, consisting of Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iPhone. The ideal alternative is Clonezilla, which is both free and also Open Source. Other great apps favor Rollago Rx are Macrium Reflect (Freemium), Deep Freeze (Paid), dd (Free, Open Source) and also Reboot Rekeep Rx (Freemium).

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Open-source partition and disk imaging, cloning and also recoexceptionally solution with multiactors assistance to clone 40+ computer systems simultaneously. View 62 choices to Clonezilla
This alternate is questioned. Clonezilla is still a legitimate different to Rollago Rx, however it can have issues that some users think are vital.
Protect your data, upgrade your hard disk or try new operating devices in the safe understanding that everything is secucount saved in an conveniently recovered backup file. View 73 options to Macrium Reflect
Deep Freeze Reboot Rekeep Software stays clear of any type of alters made on your device making PCs indestructible. Reboot Resave software program is a substantial Windows System Resave solution that empower end individuals through each reboot. View 15 alternatives to Deep Freeze
Command-line utility for Unix and Unix-choose operating systems to transform and also copy a record. View 23 choices to dd
Reboot Resave Rx makes it easy to maintain PC’s in little public accessibility computer environments (classrooms, computer system labs, kiosks, internet cafes, libraries, etc.). View 22 alternatives to Reboot Resave Rx
Comoexecute Time Machine (CTM) allows non-commercial users to conveniently regain their entire system to an earlier point in time (including the regisattempt, critical operating mechanism documents... View 30 choices to Comoexecute Time Machine

According to the Comodo Team, CTM is still in advance, however the old version was rerelocated from the official website. Latest variation, 2.8.155286.178, released in July 2010, can be still downloaded from the official forum.

Time Machine is the breakwith automatic backup that’s built best into Mac OS X. View 90 options to Time Machine
Acronis True Image (or simply True Image) is a software application product produced by Acronis that provides information security consisting of, backup, archive, access and recoexceptionally for Microsoft, macOS, iOS and Android operating units. View 104 alternatives to Acronis True Image
Toolwiz Time Freeze is an reliable Instant System Rekeep software application to store your computer mechanism safe and also defend your computer from unpreferred changes. View 13 options to Toolwiz Time Freeze
Déjà Dup is a straightforward backup tool. It hides the intricacy of doing backups the Right Way (encrypted, off-site, and also regularly) and also supplies... View 85 choices to Déjà Dup
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